10 Free Affiliate Directories That Will Bring You Traffic


Affiliate programs are a great way for people to make money.

Once they sign up, they promote the products that are sold via the program through paid ads, landing pages, blogs, and social media. When they make a sale then they get a commission.

A problem for many people is finding a suitable affiliate program. In fact, if you run an affiliate program it can be difficult to find an affiliate at the start.

This is where affiliate directories come in.

affiliate directory submission tips

What is an affiliate directory?

The internet is full of directories.

While they are not as popular as they once were for many sectors, within the affiliate marketing world they are still very effective.

An affiliate program directory is essentially a database of different programs online. It means someone can find the right program for what they need, see some basic information about it and then click on the link to sign up. Rather than Googling affiliate programs and only finding the programs that have the best marketing to get high up the rankings, a directory allows you to search for an affiliate program through a list to find what one is best suited to you.

Top 10 free affiliate directories to bring in traffic

As there are so many directories out there, we have come up with a list of the top 10 affiliate directory submission sites that you can use.

#1 PayDotCom Marketplace

PayDotCom has been around since 2005 and they have recently become even bigger. In 2018 they merged with JVShare and it is a leading directory that puts affiliate programs in touch with affiliates. They also don’t charge any transaction or monthly fees.

#2 Affiliate Seeking

This affiliate directory has been running since 2004 and with an old-school design it is very close to what we all think an online directory looks like. Affiliate Seeking provides an easy way for affiliates to find your program and the directory is broken down into handy categories such as pay per sale, affiliate networks and pay per lead.

#3 Top Affiliate

You can submit your affiliate program to this well-known directory and it’ll connect you with affiliates from around the world. Separated by easy to find categories, it provides all the necessary information such as cookie length, commission, and payment methods so potential affiliates can see how good your program is.

#4 Awin Advertiser Directory

Awin provides a UK specific directory where affiliates can find a program to match their interests and the products that they want to promote. It provides an easy to search layout with categories for everything from Finance, insurance, telecommunications, retail, travel and more.

#5 AffiliatePrograms.com

Affiliate programs offer an easy way for you to not only promote your program but for affiliates to find you. People can search by various niches or simply enter a keyword and each listing has detailed information on the program such as pros/cons, cookie length, and commissions.

#6 AssociatePrograms.com

This directory is an easy way in which you can connect to potential affiliates and showcase your affiliate program. It features an easy to search database that affiliates can find programs by keyword or simply filter them by commission type, payment methods or the top rated on the directory.

#7 Green Affiliate Directory

If you operate within the health and wellness niche then the Green Affiliate Directory is an essential place to have your information listed. It focused specifically on health and eco-friendly products and services and is perfect for anyone who sells environmentally friendly products.

#8 AffiliateCashDirectory.com

Another ‘old school’ designed directory on our list, Affiliate Cash Directory sets out affiliate programs by category. You can display your commission rates, minimum payments, cookie length and other essential information so that potential affiliates can find out and your program easily.

#9 100 Best Affiliate Programs

Many people and businesses have found affiliates through this directory and while it doesn’t set out the information as cleanly as some of the other directories on this list, it is worthwhile having your program listed here.

#10 AffiliateRanker.com

Our final affiliate directory submission is Affiliate Ranker. While it is pretty basic in its design it does allow you to promote your program to eager affiliates. It doesn’t offer as much information as some of the other directories we have listed but it is another directory that you should be featured on.

Submitting Your Program to Affiliate Directories

Directories might not be as popular as they once were, however, that isn’t to say that they are useless.
Many affiliates scour these sites to find a program that operates in their niche and suits their needs. Having yours listed on any or all of these directories means that you will gain extra exposure and potentially bring in a new wave of affiliates to market and sell your products and services.

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