15 SEO Tools and Extensions You Should Be Using


Your SEO efforts can be massively helped by using the right tools.

In this guide, we are going to focus specifically on SEO Chrome extensions and how you can use these fantastic tools to great effect.

best seo chrome extensions

15 SEO tools and extensions you should be using

We have whittled the list down to the top 15 tools and extensions that you can add to Google Chrome so read on to find out the best SEO Chrome extensions.

#1 Wappalyzer

Competitor research is vital to any SEO efforts and with Wappalyzer you can find out what CMS a website uses, eCommerce platforms and what tools they are utilising.

Wappalyzer is a powerful extension for Chrome that will help you to gain an insight into your competitors and what they are doing. This is a must have tool that is lightweight and plays a valuable role into your market research efforts.

#2 Full Page Screenshot

OK, so this isn’t strictly an ‘SEO’ tool as such but it is a powerful extension for Google Chrome that is definitely worth having.

Do you take a lot of screenshots during your working day? Maybe you are taking a ton of screenshots every day of SERPs for case studies and to monitor your progress and you’re tired of using the old fashioned method. With Full Page Screenshot you can easily take an HD screenshot of a webpage without having to sign up or log in while you can also access these screenshots while you are offline too.

#3 Grammarly

There is nothing worse than writing an email, updating your blog or conjuring up some seemingly great website copy only to realise a few days later that you’ve made some pretty basic grammar mistakes.

With Grammarly you can be sure this won’t happen again. This built-in extension for Chrome not only highlights your mistakes but explains why it is wrong too and how to fix it. There is a paid version with extra features but the free extension is invaluable too.

#4 Buzzsumo

Anyone that is involved in SEO will have heard of Buzzsumo even if they have never used these guys before.

They are a content marketing tool that helps you to find the most shared and popular content online. It is fantastic for getting ideas for fantastic content and this extension will show you how a piece of content is performing with a variety of stats. In fact, it is a useful way to see how your competitors are getting on.

#5 MozBar

The Moz SEO toolbar for Chrome is a great way to conduct free SEO analysis from one of the industry’s biggest players.

MozBar offers a great way in which you can find the Page Authority, Domain Authority, highlighted keywords, links and a range of other useful stats. With this extension, you can get all the stats you need about other sites.

#6 HubSpot Sales

With this Chrome extension, you get access to HubSpots email tracker than means you can track emails from either Outlook or Gmail.

Why is this useful? Well, it means you can see when someone is opening your emails and this is the moment that someone turns into a lead. It might not be a pure SEO tool as such however it can run alongside your SEO efforts to great effect.

#7 Redirect Path

The Redirect Chrome Extension tracks every webpage you go to and finds out what response code the browser received. So, it is a very useful tool to see webpages with several redirects.

It displays 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP Status Codes.

#8 Hunter

Finding the contact details for many people takes a lot of time. In fact, you probably spend more time actually looking for contact details than actually contacting the person.

Hunter is a great extension for Chrome that scans a website for email addresses and also gives you an idea through their smart system of what the contact email will be for whoever it is you are looking for.

#9 Keywords Everywhere

The Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension is a great SEO tool that allows you to get the search volume for keywords in the SERPS.

Not only has this but the extension also allowed you to find related keywords and CPC data too. As a way of doing quick but effective keyword research for your SEO marketing efforts then this handy extension for Chrome gives you everything you need.

#10 Check My Links

Broken links can be a disaster for a website. If someone can’t get to where they need to go then you will lose traffic, conversions and sales.

Check My Links is a handy SEO tool for Google Chrome that that crawls through your webpage to check for broken links and highlights them to you. This means you can easily and quickly find out if you have any broken links on your websites. It is complicated but it is highly effectively.

#11 SimilarWeb

The SimilarWeb Chrome Extension offers an easy way in which you can see traffic and a range of other useful stats for any website. This includes their traffic ranking, how they rank for certain keyword and also the sources of their traffic.

This tool produces a wide range of great information that you can utilise for your competitor analysis to help boost your SEO efforts.

#12 Nightwatch

A big part of your SEO efforts is finding out your unbiased rankings and this usually means having to go into incognito mode or using a VPN.

With the Nightwatch SEO Search Simulator you can find out the rankings for any search engine query from any location in the world. This is a fantastic Chrome extension that makes the job of looking at unbiased rankings very easy.

#13 Mangools

Mangools SEO Extension for Chrome allows you to see a range of SEO metrics including domain strength and backlinks.

You can also find out the keywords that your competitors are using with this extension while a handy feature is being able to analyse outbound links and find weak areas of SEO in each page. There is a variety of advanced SEO features too.

#14 SalesHandy

A main part of SEO is link building. There is no getting nay from it, it is vital to rise up the SERPs and building links involves sending a lot of outreach emails.

SalesHandy allows you to track email engagement data – for examples, when and how many times your emails were opened and attachments looked a – while you can also send personalised email campaigns too. SalesHandy is a really powerful extension for outreaching with email.

#15 LinkMiner

Finally, we have LinkMiner. This powerful extension checks webpages to see if they have any broken links and gives you valuable insight into link checking.

This includes link and social data and being able to display this data next to each link on a page. If you want to see how many external links and key metrics on those links on a webpage then LinkMiner is the tool to use.

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