5 of the Best SEO Courses to Take


Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is one of the most important parts of creating an online business.

Whether it is a website to compliment your bricks and mortar store, an affiliate marketing business or even just a blog, it is vital that you get SEO right.

You can get targeted traffic in the short term with ads however if you want a sustainable model to get promotion and traffic to your website then you need to implement a successful SEO strategy.

How do you find SEO training courses?

We have listed 5 of the best SEO classes that you can take online.

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5 Best SEO training courses

These aren’t the only courses out there that you can take however they are consistently ranked as the best online.

#1 SEMrush Academy

SEMrush is one of the most well-known SEO tools but did they also have SEO training.

The great thing about the SEMrush academy is that their courses are free and you can take training on SEO, SMM, PPC and Content Marketing.

They are prepared by SEO experts and are constantly updated to reflect the frequent changes in the SEO world. If you want somewhere to start off and an all in one SEO training solution then you can’t really go wrong here.

#2 The Blueprint Training

The Blueprint has a yearly membership option which means that it is much more expensive than SEMrush training however it does have a lot of great content.

This includes 17 courses on SEO, over 200 videos, a series of automation tools, templates and you will also get access to a private Slack channel where you can ask a question and get consultations.

They bring in outside experts too on various specific topics.

The Blueprint SEO training is $2999 a year or you can purchase an individual module. While it may be a bit high for an individual for SEO companies who want to invest in staff then it offers a great training programme.

#3 Udemy SEO Training

These guys offer a well-rounded SEO course that covers a lot of information.

For just $11.99 you get SEO training with over 9 hours of videos, articles, different resources and lifetime access. You can also do assignments and get a certificate when you complete the course.

You will need to have a basic knowledge of SEO for this course and you may also need a WordPress site if you want to apply some of the techniques on the Udemy SEO training.

#4 SEO Courses by Moz

Moz is one of the most well-known SEO resources out there and they have one of the best SEO courses.

Not only do they have a ton of information but they can also create customised SEO training to your business needs. This means that the price can vary from $99 to nearly $600.

If you want to learn not only the basics of SEO but also the intricate nature of how it works and how to be successful then Moz provides this and more.

#5 Yoast SEO Training

Lastly, we have Yoast.

You probably know Yoast from their great plugin for WordPress but they also offer SEO training courses online.

They offer a free course for beginners and their more advanced courses range from less than $40 to nearly $400 although you can buy a package deal. It covers SEO for WordPress, copywriting and more.

These courses are at the top 5 that are available online right now.

Whether you are hoping to hone in your existing skills or learn completely new ones there is a ton of great training out there both for free and a cost.

Happy learning!

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