A Guide to Boosting Your CR With Sweepstakes Ad Campaigns



The majority of affiliate marketers are familiar with sweepstakes offers. While these offers are not unheard of, they remain one of the most prominent and lucrative options for affiliates. The vertical has been around for quite a while, and the competition is massive. However, it is still full of untapped potential.

Naturally, sweepstakes have a clear link to giveaways that are about winning various gadgets and gift cards. Giveaway requires visitors to sign up and share a few details in order to take part in it. Advertisers particularly benefit from sweepstakes because this vertical is a rich source of data. While advertisers receive such information like age, emails, residence, and mobile numbers, affiliates get conversions in case users sign up. Users, in turn, get the opportunity to win real prizes. However, affiliates need to remember that picking suitable traffic sources accounts for 90% of profitability and shows the potential of your ad campaigns.

What You Need to Know About Sweepstakes

When promoting sweepstakes offers, it is critical to pay attention to the visual appeal and make it work. Given that 70% of the campaign’s performance depends on the visualization approach, landing pages play a crucial role, ensuring a high level of engagement. Besides, placement, length, and complexity of forms mainly affect the willingness of users to participate. As a rule, advertisers require various user details, depending on the type of offer, like name, age, email, and credit card details. Typically, shorter forms result in registrations, a.k.a. conversions. Besides, user details required by advertisers also depend on geos. Tier 1 countries, for instance, have a higher willingness to pay and, therefore, credit card details are usually a must for these geos. Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries, in contrast, have lower salaries and the ability to pay. Therefore, advertisers have milder requirements for these geos.

Some internet marketers still believe contrary to the reality that pre-landers have nothing to do with high ROI. Therefore, we recommend steering clear of direct linking and propose using conventional approaches to the funnels. To build a successful funnel, affiliate marketers need to research and analyze top ad creatives, approaches, and pre-landers used by their competitors for sweepstakes offers. Moreover, it is essential to select sweepstakes offers carefully paying attention to the high-performing geos and aptness of the target audience. In a nutshell, affiliates need to laser-target interests and boost engagement to make the most of sweepstakes campaigns.

When it comes to pre-landers, ad creatives, and visualization approaches, quizzes, surveys, or roulette remain relevant when running sweepstakes ad campaigns. We recommend matching the language of ad creatives or pre-landers to geos. This way, ad creatives will be perceived better by the target audience. Besides, it will also increase your conversion rate. Providing multiple gifts to choose from is also a consistent and practical approach. This way, you will generate even more interest in the giveaway and create hype around it.

Best Traffic Sources for Sweepstakes Campaigns

Such traffic sources as native, push, and pop work best with sweepstakes offers. While social traffic remains popular, affiliate marketers should proceed with extreme caution when it comes to social media. Considering that working with social traffic sources is complex, it also requires large investments. Therefore, we recommend novices to stay clear of social traffic sources. Some of the seasoned affiliate marketers, for instance, keep driving social traffic to sweepstakes offers. However, everything depends on the budget because social traffic is not only expensive, it requires additional expenses and cloaking. Besides, sweepstakes offers increase the probability of getting banned on social media.

Although native and push traffic sources have limited targeting capabilities, they are the best choice when running sweepstakes ad campaigns. While push traffic sources are more candid, have high payouts, and milder ad requirements, they tend to forbid most of the popular approaches. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that misleading techniques and straightforward headlines are forbidden.

When it comes to native traffic sources, they tend to work well with CC Submit offers. Even though lately many native networks prohibit the promotion of sweepstakes offers, affiliate marketers manage to run ad campaigns with the help of cloaking.

As for pop traffic, it is indispensable in countering banner blindness. Its ability to adapt to any device and need for minor investments makes these traffic sources especially popular. However, affiliates need to pay particular attention to whitelists and blacklists. Sorting traffic is essential to the success of ad campaigns. Otherwise, pop traffic will not perform well.

Considering that sweepstakes remain one of the most trending verticals, affiliate marketers should not second-guess its cost-effectiveness and performance capabilities. Freebies always attract attention and, therefore, make the job of affiliates simpler. Therefore, it is safe to say that even beginners can conquer sweepstakes. If you test ad creatives, use gamification to encourage users, and optimize, profits will be forthcoming. All you need to do is make an extra effort.

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