A Guide to Using Shout Out Posts for Instagram


Most marketers now use Instagram for marketing purposes.

There are many good reasons for this. Instagram isn’t just about posting a pretty picture with a nice filter on it to show your follows your latest hike or that fantastic food you had when you ate out the other week. Instagram is a very powerful tool for marketing.

It has over 200 million active users, 1.6 billion likes every day and Instagram give you the chance to reach out to a massive audience. 86% of brands have an Instagram account and 73% post one update every week.

Others are using Instagram and so should you but how good is it for affiliate marketing?

instagram shoutout ideas and tips

Is Instagram good for affiliate marketing?

It’s very good for affiliate marketing.

Aside from the stats that we have outlined above, Instagram provides a platform for you to post good content and engage with your target audience. Through the use of hashtags you can reach out to a lot more people than just the ones that follow your account.

With Instagram you can create a real brand for your campaigns. There are many ways in which you can make money as an affiliate marketer on Instagram and what we are going to look at in this blog is shout outs. If you haven’t come across shout out posts for Instagram then we are going to tell you what they are and also how you get them.

What are shout outs on Instagram?

Instagram shout outs are when someone uploads a screenshot of someone else’s account for promotional purposes and to raise their profile for exposure.

Basically it is telling all their followers that the profile they are posting is relevant, quality and can be trusted. Its main aim is to increase a users’ follower count while offer an effective way in which to advertise websites, business and affiliate marketers.

The big problem for many people is that they don’t know how to get shout outs in Instagram. Luckily for any affiliate marketers that are reading this article we have 4 ways in which you can do this.

How do get Instagram shout outs

#1 Engage with other accounts first

Don’t just go flying into asking an account to give you a shout out. The other person is probably going to think ‘what are you?’ This is especially true if you are just starting out.

Make meaningful engagement with their profile first. Like their photos, leave some comments underneath – essentially just interact with them so when the time does come to ask for a
shout out on IG they will know who you are and will be more likely to adhere to your request.

#2 Find Instagram accounts relevant to your niche

This is obvious but it is something that many marketers fail to do. What does an acne cure have to do with a new pair of sneakers? Nothing really so if you are trying to promote natural acne remedies through your Instagram account why are you contacting a sneaker reviewer for a shout out?

Not only are you more likely to get a shout out by someone relevant to your own niche but if you do pick up followers, engagement and clicks on your links because of that Instagram shout out then these people will likely turn into conversions.

#3 Find accounts with similar follow counts

If your account had 500 followers and you target a shout out from an Instagram influencer with 50,000 followers – are they going to take notice? Probably not.

Target accounts that have a similar follower account. Once you get to over 1000 followers you may find getting shout outs a bit easier. Don’t aim too high first because you will only be in for a let down – start realistic and work your way up.

#4 Contact them in the right way

Don’t spam their comments with shout out requests. Contact potential shout out accounts in the right way.

If they are listed as a business then they should have an email address on their account. Type a professional email and try to get a shout out that way or message them through a direct message. Contacting users about shout out posts for Instagram is as important as any other part of the process.

Using shout outs on Instagram to get results

Getting a shout out on Instagram can propel you to future success.

There are accounts that will do this for a fee and others will happily do it for free. If you target an account with a similar follower account then you can do a shout out for shout out (or S4S as it is known) where you both promote each other’s accounts.

By getting a shout out on Instagram you can grow your followers, get great exposure and start the process is bringing in more conversions and sales.

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