AdMaven Review – Should You Use This Ad Network?


Finding the most suitable ad network for your needs isn’t always easy.

There are many ad networks available so choosing one to suit your audience, the types of ads you want and also the kind of traffic you need can be very difficult.

This is why we have come up with this AdMaven review. You might have heard of these guys before or you may never have come across them. Either way, we’re going to show you the ins and outs of this ad network to see if it is worth your time using them for your online advertising campaign.

admaven review

What is Ad Maven?

Admaven have been around for a while and they are one of the most popular and well-known pop ad networks on the internet.

They have been active for over 10 years now and have built themselves up to be one of the most recognizable pop ad networks online. Just because they are well-known doesn’t necessarily mean that they a the best to use so in this short guide we are going to go through the pros and cons of Admaven to see if they are suitable for an affiliate campaign and to push traffic to your ads.

What types of traffic does AdMaven have?

There are a variety of ad types that you can use for your campaigns on Admaven and this includes:

• Push notifications
• Fully screen ads
• Lightbox ads
• Direct link ads
• Banner ads
• In-between ads

They have push, pop up and pop under options. So, if any of these are the types of ads that you want to use for your campaign the Admaven are a suitable choice.

Rather than you having to do all the research the good news is that we have done this for you when it comes to Admaven. We’re going to show you some advantages of this pop ad network and we’ll have a look to see if there are any drawbacks to using this service as well.

Advantages of using Admaven

So, what’s good about these guys?

#1 They offer good quality traffic

This ad network has over 2 billion daily impressions however that doesn’t necessarily mean that they provide good traffic. Just because an ad network has a high number of daily impressions doesn’t automatically ensure that you will get high quality and potentially valuable people to click on your ads. Quality is better than quantity in this regard.

That being said, the traffic from Admaven is of high quality and 90% of it comes from direct deals with its publishers. If you want a pop ad network with high quality traffic where you can focus your affiliate campaigns then this is definitely one of the best out there at the minute.

#2 Solid support system

One of the main features that every ad network should have is a good support system.

If someone goes wrong with your campaign then you are going to be losing potential income so you’ll want it to be sorted ASAP, right? Well, Ad Maven have a solid support system where you can contact their dedicated support team via a range of methods and get an answer to your query or have your problem fixed as quick as possible. They offer Skype, email and online chat contact methods.

This is a big plus point because some other ad networks don’t have as quick a support system which means you can be waiting hours or even days to get an answer.

#3 Low payment threshold

They also have various payment methods available as well as a low payment threshold.

So, you can deposit and withdraw using a variety of different payment types including PayPal, BTC, bank transfer and Payoneer and the minimum deposit is just $50.

This is great news for anyone who is just starting off on their journey as some ad networks have high minimum deposits well into the hundreds of dollars so it is a nice change to see these guys offering a low threshold.

Disadvantages of using Admaven

Even though there are a lot of advantages of using Ad Maven we do need to look at a few drawbacks of their service.

#1 User friendliness

One thing that is a bit of a disadvantage with Ad Maven is that their system isn’t the most user friendly out there.

Once you get used to operating the system you will be fine however it can be a bit of a learning curve compared to some other ad networks out there. It doesn’t take that long to get up to speed with the UI and how everything works but in the beginning it can be a bit of a challenge especially to someone who has never used an ad network previously.

#2 Real-time tracking

Finally, Ad Maven doesn’t offer real-time tracking as such like some other ad networks do.

This means you can’t see your progress and results instantly however they provide updates 3 times per day every day so you won’t have to wait 24 hours or even a few days to see how your campaign is doing. Tracking your marketing campaign is important because it is how you know what works and what doesn’t and while there are no real-time updates with Ad Maven you can track your progress every day.

Our Admaven Review

To return to the original question – is Ad Maven worth it?

The basic answer is – yes.

Ad Maven is one of the most popular pop ad networks on the internet. They offer a wide range of different pop ad types and push notifications and with these guys you also get:

• Good quality traffic with a high number of daily impressions
• Great support system with a variety of contact methods
• Low payment threshold and several payment methods

There are a few drawbacks with this service however overall Ad Maven are one of the best pop ad networks out there and you won’t regret using them for your campaigns.

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