Affiliate Listings Overview: Offervault, Affpaying, oDigger


A quick Google search will yield a ton of results that tell you how you can make money online.

CPA, or cost per action, is just one strategy and it can be a highly lucrative method in which to generate income.

In this blog, we are going to show you what CPA is, how it works and also review 3 websites that put you in contact with the top CPA networks out there.

what is offervault

Making money with CPA

CPA, which we already know stands for cost per action, is an advertising model that means when someone clicks on an advert and takes action (such as signs up to a newsletter or buys a product) then the publisher of the ad gets paid. That is really all there is to it!

It provides a lower risk to the advertisers because they aren’t paying for clicks or impressions – they only pay whenever someone actually takes action.

Many people make a lot of money with CPA and it is a very common advertising method.

Finding CPA offers though can be difficult. There are so many offers out there that your head will start spinning if you try to find them all manually. This is why the 3 resources we have outlined below can really help you to find the right CPA related to your niche.

3 Resources to find CPA offers

Offervault, Affpaying and oDdigger aren’t the only resources out there to find CPA offers however they are 3 of the most well know.

So, what are they really like?

#1 Offervault

Offervault displays CPA offers in an accessible way and it is really easy to use. When you find the offer you want to promote you simply hit ‘Join Network’ which will put you in touch with an affiliate representative. It was founded in 2007 and nowadays aggregates more than 40k registered members.

It’s free for affiliates and publishers and you don’t even need to join. If you do sign up for an account it means you can save your searches and get alerts. Also among the advantages are: great search options, as you can search through niches, sort by newest offers, compare payouts, and receive useful alerts.

They also offer the largest selections of offers however it does have some drawbacks. For example, you need to join a new affiliate network every time you want to promote a new offer which can be time-consuming. They also suffer the problem of networks not contacting potential affiliates when they go through the ‘Join Network’ option on the site.

Overall Offervault is one of the better-known resources to find CPA offers online and have a big database from which you can find an offer to match your niche and audience.

#2 Affpaying

The second CPA resource on our list is Affpaying.

Perhaps not as well known as Offervault but it is an important affiliate offer search to know about. Affpaying displays CPA offers in an easy to find format and also shows you their reviews so you can see what companies and offers affiliates like to deal with. The reviews are broken down into 4 areas – offers, payout, tracking and support.

Like all CPA resources you need to weed through all the different options to find one that suits you and your website best. Some people comment that they should have stricter criteria for offers being displayed as many have come across fake or scam offers on the site.

#3 oDigger

Last but not least we have oDigger.

This is another CPA resource that can put you in touch with the offers that are available. They link in with over 200 networks to display CPA offers from a wide variety of niches and different geographical areas. It is pretty easy to shift through all the different offers and find one to suit you either by the pay out or the support the network offers. They have also recently implemented a forum to their website so users can share ideas and experiences with each other.

It does take some time to find the right offer for you to start promoting and the website can seem a bit confusing to those starting out however after some practice you will get the hang of it.

What is the best resource to use?

As there are so many offers out there for thousands of businesses, these three resources are useful for finding the best CPA offers online.

Even though they have their good and bad points, the best CPA offers can be found on and they not only provide a wealth of information of high performing CPA offers but their website is more modern and easier to use as well.

CPA can be very lucrative and if done correctly can make you a lot of money. Finding the right offer is hard.

This is why these resources can really help to put you in touch with an offer that is relevant not only to your niche but to your audience and geographical location too.

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