Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2019 from the Experts


Every year we see new trends happening in the affiliate marketing world.

We had a look at the emerging trends for 2018 this time last year and we are back again to find out what the top affiliate marketers predict will happen in 2019. There will be a ton of affiliate marketing opportunities this year however the way in which you reach out to people, convince them to convert and make money changes.

Many of the same strategies and approaches will still work but they might not be as effective. This is why we feel it is important to highlight the latest trends so you can stay ahead of the game. Rather than figuring all this out ourselves we have 4 affiliate marketer trends for 2019 that have come straight from the experts.

affiliate influencers review marketing trends in 2019

Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2019

Last year saw us look at video content, native advertising, using influencers and the mobile marketer as the latest trends but what lies ahead?

#1 Privacy and compliance (David Naffziger, CEO, BrandVerity)

GDPR is a complicated subject however it does have ramifications for affiliate marketers and advertisers. It not only impacts the EU but businesses that trade with other companies and individuals in the EU too.

Privacy is changing and David Naffziger expects that 2019 will see a shift towards changes in privacy law in other countries (particularly the US). This also ties in with the fact that affiliates are not only increasing their own compliance but being mindful of their partners and advertisers too. Non-compliance to data protection laws have huge consequences for businesses, affiliates and marketers and 2019 should see the focus enhance on this area again.

#2 Voice search optimisation (Jayson DeMers, CEO, AudienceBloom)

Voice search is used by 40% of American adults at least once per day. This is a huge amount and if you think that Alexa is just a fad then thing again.

Jayson DeMers expects that long tail keywords will play a much bigger role in voice search optimisations going forward. It is still an area that is relatively unexplored by digital marketers and how big an impact it will have isn’t clear at the minute. That being said, the fact that most requests to the likes of the Amazon Echo have a conversational tone and sentence format means that focusing on long tail keywords will take more prominence going forward.

#3 Partner marketing (Todd Crawford, VP Strategic Initiatives, Impact)

This isn’t a new concept and it has been gathering momentum for a number of years now.

Partner marketing is where two people or two businesses form a relationship to allow a brand, product or service to be introduced to a new audience. Todd Crawford advises that 2019 will see this trend grow even further. More and more businesses and affiliates are reaching out via partner marketing to increase their reach and audience. Even the branding for affiliate managers and affiliate channels is changing to reflect the rise of partner marketing. 2019 is going to see more co-operations in the affiliate marketing market with the emphasis on a
collaborative approach.

#4 Moving away from Amazon (Megan Marrs, Founder & CEO of Marrsipan Media)

Even though some affiliates have moved away from Amazon after they cut their commission rate in 2017, it still pulls in the biggest number of affiliates. In fact, new affiliate marketers are generally drawn towards Amazon for a number of reasons.

2019 is set to be different though. Megan Marrs expects that more affiliates are going to move away from Amazon and venture out into new affiliate programs and networks. While it isn’t going to spell the end of the Amazon affiliate program by any means it will see more diversity in how affiliates get their commission and what products they promote.

Hot marketing trends for 2019

Every year brings new trends and new approaches in every market and the affiliate marketing sector is no different.

Sometimes trends don’t appear to come true. That being said, the 4 that we have showcased here come from industry experts and they should know better than most what may happen in the future.

Affiliate marketing is a diverse field and to be successful you need to not only keep up with the latest trends but also allow yourself to stand out from the crowd. More and more people are moving into affiliate marketing to make money either in the short or long term. Even though the vast majority of these fail (up to 95% by some accounts), following the recent trends, implementing new hot marketing strategies and keeping up to date with what the experts say is vital if you want to achieve any kind of success.

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