Banner Design for Affiliate Marketing


Banners still have a very important role to play in online advertising.

While there is a lot of movement towards native ads and push marketing, banners can be very effective for affiliate marketing.

If you are wondering what this is all about and how it can help your affiliate marketing efforts then we have some great content in store for you. In this article you are going to learn:

● What a banner ad actually is
● Different banner ad formats
● Tips to create great banner designs
● Why an affiliate marketing banner is so important

Ready to learn about the wonderful world of banner ads? Let’s get started.

banner design tips for affiliate marketing

What is a banner ad?

Banner ads have been around for a long time.

They are very simple in concept and you will probably have seen hundreds if not thousands of these over the years. It is basically an image that is played on a webpage (more about the different formats below) and usually has text on the banner too.

They are there to promote products, services and businesses and when you click on it they will usually take you to the advertiser’s website.

All very straightforward however there are different banner ad formats.

Banner ad formats

There are three main banner ad formats that can be used to display an advertisement on a website.

#1JPEG Banners

JPEGS are one of the most common file formats on the internet. They are great for showing high-quality image without a large file size which cuts down on loading times.

Even though we have come a long way from the days of 56k internet, large files and particularly large banner ads can take a while to load, especially on mobile devices. Considering most people leave a website within 15 seconds, you need to capture their attention right away.

JPEGS have a large colour palette to display and the small size means they should load very quickly even when not using WiFi.

#2 PNG Banners

Next up we have PNG banners.

There is PNG-8 (which is limited to 256 colours) while PNG-24 has a much wider colour range although this will mean a larger file size.

PNG files let you use transparent backgrounds so they can potentially integrate into a website more seamlessly. That being said, if you want the banner to stand out more on a webpage then you’ll want the background to be different.

#3 Gif Banners

Finally we have GIFs.

These are still a thing. Even though GIF images often get associated with the early days of the internet, they are still popular. Why? Well, they stand out on a webpage and your attention is drawn to them – that is the main purpose of your banner ad, is it not?

The problem with GIFs is that they take a while to load and are not great for mobile devices which most people tend to use to access the internet these days.

Things to consider for great banner designs

So, when designing a banner ad whether it is in JPEG, PNG or GIF format – what do you need to think about?

#1 Keep things basic

The main thing about banner ads is that you want the person who sees it to know right away who you are, what you’re promoting and where they’ll go if the click on it.

Banner ads aren’t designed to tell a story. They are there to grab someones attention right away and get them to click on it which will take them to your website.

Have a prominent call to action and make sure your affiliate marketing banner is as simple as possible.

#2 Incorporate your brand colours

If you have certain colours you use for your brand and affiliate marketing business then these should be on your banner ad too.

You want your style to be consistent across the internet. This makes sure that people will recognise you and it is more professional as well. You can make your banner ads colourful but make sure they stay within your brand.

If your business colours are green and purple then don’t make your banner ad red and yellow – keep things consistent.

#3 Make mobile-friendly banners

Finally, you want your banner to display well on mobile devices.

Mobile traffic is up 222% over the last five years and now accounts for over 50% of all internet usage around the world. This is why you want your banner ads to be optimised for mobile.

Keep the size of the image down and don’t include anything that either won’t format on a mobile device or will look strange if not using a desktop or laptop.

Banner Design for Affiliate Marketing

Your advertising banner design can make a big difference as to whether someone clicks on it or not.

Banner ads still play a big role in online advertising and for affiliates they are very useful to get clicks and ultimately sales.

With a well-designed banner that follows some basic key principles you can stand out on the website that it is displayed on and get interested people directed to your offers.

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