5 of the Best Dating Ad Networks for 2020


2020 is shaping up to be another big year for online advertising.

Global ad spend is up again and is expected to reach a whopping $329 billion over the next couple of years. Dating ads are growing too.

In this update, we’re going to look specifically at dating ads as opposed to online advertising as a whole. You’ll find out:

• What an adult ad network actually is
• The 5 best adult ad networks for 2020
• How adult ad networks will grow next year and beyond

So, let’s get right into it and find out about adult ad networks.

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What is an adult ad network?

Adult ad networks are pretty straightforward to define.

Not every ad network out there allows for adult traffic and adult ads to be displayed. An adult ad network is either a network that is specifically designed to flow traffic to ads and publish them across the internet or they are a regular ad network that allows for adult ads to be shown.

The problem is that there are many out there and if you are just beginning to dabble with adult ads then you probably feel a bit lost.

That’s why we have whittled the list down to the top 5 adult ad networks that you can use.

Best adult advertising networks for 2020

#1 Exoclick

Exoclick are perhaps one of the best-known advertising networks that allow for adult advertisements to be shown.

They allow for wide variety of ad formats including native ads, in-stream, banner ads and pop-unders amongst others. They also allow for mobile and desktop traffic and you can get paid once per week for publishing adults ads. Their CPM rates are pretty good as well.

Their one drawback is that you can only contact their support team via email if you have an issue. That being said, Exoclick are a fine choice to get traffic.

#2 TrafficFactory

While they have a smaller range of websites to get ads published than Exoclick – TrafficFactory uses xnxx.com and xvideos.com on mobile and also sex.com for desktop traffic – they do have big volumes of people that will potentially see your ads.

The system is pretty easy to use so even if you are new you can use TrafficFactory and you get good data analytics too. While their banner rules are pretty harsh and they don’t offer a massive amount of choice (338×235, 928×244 and 180×1030), if you are creative about it you can really make this adult ad network work for you.

With 6 billion daily impressions and several methods of contacting them, TrafficFactory is one of the best adult ad networks out there.

#3 Pushy Ads

Moving away from banner ads and other formats for a minute, Pushy Ads are the network you need if you want to use push notifications.

They allow you to have mainstream advertisers for adult publishers and have great CPM rates too.

It isn’t as straightforward to get signed up to Pushy Ads as some other networks and there is no self-service option (everything is done through an ad manager) but for push notifications and adult traffic they are really good.

#4 Ero-Advertising

With traffic from over 190 countries, billions of impressions and pop ads, banners and native ad formations, Ero-Advertising is a big player in the market.

Even though their mobile traffic isn’t always the best, you can do carrier targeting with these guys while they have good data available as well. They are self-service too so you get greater control over your ad campaigns rather than having to go through an ad manager.

Once you get used to the system and how it works you can really take advantage of the adult traffic that Ero-Advertising sends your way.

#5 JuicyAds

This adult-only advertising network has minimum payouts of $25 as well as a host of other great features including self-service so you are in control of your campaigns, a good referral program and CPM rates particularly for traffic from Russia and Asia and they have over 200k publisher websites with billions of impressions.

JuicyAds are well known and have a pretty easy to use system as well.

While their support could do with some extra ways to contact them (currently just by email), they are an award-winning adult ad network that can bring you quality traffic.

Adult traffic and advertising in 2020

Choosing the right adult ad network depends on several factors such as:

• The type of ads and traffic you want
• How much control you need over your campaigns
• What their minimum payouts and support options are

Adult ad networks are going to grow again in 2020. As more of these networks incorporate different ad formats such as push and native advertising rather than the old-style banner ads, you’ll see much more diversity in adult ads going forward.

Pick the right ad network for you and watch the clicks and money flow.

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