Best Marketing Strategies for Black Friday 2018


It is that time of year again.

Halloween is just over and we are in that period between the nights getting darker and Christmas rolling around the corner.

It might not be the festive season just yet but Black Friday is coming on the 23 November and as an affiliate this represents and unbelievably good opportunity to get more clicks, conversions and to generate a lot of income.

If you are wondering what Black Friday is and how you can create a successful strategy based on around this then we have some fantastic information for you.

affiliate strategies for Black Friday 2018

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving.

While it was initially created back in the 1950s, it has really risen to prominence in the last 20 years. In fact, for many retailers, Black Friday is actually held over a few days as opposed to just one day like it used to be. It was also something exclusive to North America but it has now spread to Europe and other parts of the world.

The whole point of Black Friday is to incentivize people to buy products due to their heavily discounted nature. Given how close it falls to Christmas it is the perfect time for people to save some money on things that they would have probably bought anyway. In 2017 retailers in the US earned $7.8 billion on Black Friday.

Black Friday marketing strategy

You don’t normally need to give people a lot of coercion to take advantage of Black Friday sales as the discounts are often so high however there are some marketing strategies that you can use.

These will help you to make an absolute killing on Black Friday 2018.

Creating Black Friday Content

This one will sound a bit obvious but many affiliates fail to implement it properly. On-page SEO is vital to boosting your search engine ranking and the more articles and pages you can post that target specific keywords the more people you will have visiting your site and buying your affiliate products.

Email marketing on the run up to Black Friday

Email marketing is still very relevant and it is as effective as it ever has been.

On the run up to the big day, send out promotional emails displaying what affiliate products are going to be heavily discounted on Black Friday. This is a great way in which to advertise Black Friday internet sales and incentivize people to buy your affiliate products. Make sure and have diversity within your email marketing campaign and don’t just email about the same product 4 days in a row on the run up to Black Friday. Mix it up and show your list everything that is going to be on sale.

Target Christmas Black Friday deals

Black Friday falls the day after Thanksgiving and just a few weeks before Christmas.

This is why promoting it as a fantastic way in which people can save money on Christmas gifts. With the holiday season coming up, spin Black Friday as a holiday event and focus on some themed gifts and presents that can be bought for family and friends. Not only is this an effective Black Friday marketing strategy but it is an easy way to promote your products as an affiliate.

Don’t forget your mobile audience

Now that over half of traffic is using mobile devices as opposed to desktop, you need to ensure that your landing pages and deals that you promote cater to your mobile audience.
62% of smartphone owners have made a purchase on their mobile device and neglecting this market means that you are potentially missing out on a lot of income. Even if someone doesn’t use a mobile device to actually make a purchase, they will most likely use it to do some research first so everything needs to be responsive and mobile-ready.

Black Friday strategies for affiliates

Black Friday – like Cyber Monday – is a great opportunity for affiliates to generate money in the run up to Christmas.

Everything is there. It is so well known and people greatly anticipated the day so all you need to do is to get the message out there that the products you are promoting are heavily discounted. With some quality content, engaging emails and targeting the right audience you will incentivize people to take advantage of your Black Friday deals this year.

If you aren’t making money on Black Friday then you are doing something wrong but following this guide will give you the best chance of success for Black Friday 2018.

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