8 of the Best Paid Traffic Sources for eCommerce Traffic


Getting people to your eCommerce offers isn’t easy, especially if you operate in a very competitive field.

While the benefits of a long term SEO strategy mean that you can rank well for certain keywords months and even years down the line, paid traffic is a great way to get targeted people to your site.

There are many paid traffic options out there.

To show you how effective paid traffic can be, we have compiled a list of the top 8 sources that will get people to your eCommerce site and potentially making a purchase.

best traffic sources for E-Commerce

Best paid traffic sources

While paid traffic incurs a higher cost (usually) than SEO, it is a very worthwhile method in which to get people to your site.

#1 Google Ads

Google Ads are a great way to get targeted traffic to your eCommerce site. In fact, they convert 50% better than organic search results and 70% of mobile eCommerce customers will place calls through mobile ads.

While how much you spend will be determined by several factors including the type of ads you are running – PPC, Pay Per Call, retargeting, local ads or even Cost Per Mile (CPM) – as well as the niche you are operating in, it can have a very worthwhile ROI.

While your SEO is still important, Google Ads can get much better traffic that has a higher chance of converting.

#2 Bing Ads

People often forget about Bing.

We can be so fixated on Google – even if it does account for 90% of the market share – Bing shouldn’t be ignored. Many people use Bing and it would be silly to ignore them completely.

Some people find that Bing has a higher conversion rate than Google Ads. It might not have the same level of traffic but it can offer better conversions with cheaper clicks.

#3 Native Ads

Native Ads aren’t as ‘in your face’ as other forms of advertising. They are designed to blend in fairly seamlessly with the content that is on display.

They are still a paid traffic source and one that can have high click-through rates as they aren’t as obvious as other forms of advertisements. There are several Native Ad publishers out there such as Revcontent and MGID.

#4 YouTube Ads

YouTube is huge and with a good video content strategy, you can really drive in traffic.

Setting up your YouTube Ads in the right way and choosing the right format is vital to getting your strategy right. The great thing about YouTube is that from a business point of view it is actually quite underutilised. Many people don’t like making videos but if you can then you can tap into a large market that may drive a lot of traffic to your eCommerce venture.

#5 LinkedIn Ads

While LinkedIn isn’t for everyone, if you have a B2B eCommerce platform then you can’t ignore the power that this professional social network offers.

You won’t find many meme’s or funny content on here but what you will find is a great opportunity for networking and target other professionals. With LinkedIn Ads you have a fantastic opportunity where you can really target people based on their job or company they work for. With Text Ads and Sponsored Ads you might be paying a bit more than other platforms but you have the potential for a high ROI.

#6 Baidu Ads

If you plan on targeting the Chinese market then Baidu is a must. You know the way Google has such a stranglehold on search engine ads in most places across the world? Well, Baidu has nearly 80% of the market share in China.

You will need to jump through some extra hoops to get onto Baidu such as translating documents into simple Chinese and you’ll ads with also need to be Chinese as well. That being said, getting your strategy right and setting up Baidu Ads properly can help you tap into a market that probably not many in your niche are targeting.

Getting quality eCommerce traffic

Driving traffic to your eCommerce site can be difficult and getting conversions can be even harder.

With paid traffic sources such as ads on the various platforms above you can really boost your clicks, conversions and your business growth.

While you don’t need to target all of them and depending on your business you don’t need to, just a few of these platforms and search engines will help you to get better traffic with the chance of making more sales.

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