Best Work Productivity Tools


Productivity issues will always be present in a modern workplace. The main ones being typical distractions like messages on social media and major productivity killers that result in a wrong investment of time and effort. No one is immune from time management issues and using the wrong approach might result in the emergence of even more significant productivity killers.

What does productivity mean? Mainly, it is about paying no attention to distractions, being able to prioritize tasks and accomplish them accordingly. Therefore, it is essential to understand how to measure productivity. You might try simply tracking the actual time spent on multiple tasks. However, the list of tasks and total work time will not give you proper insights into how productive your work is and how much value you bring to the business. In order to understand your workflow better and realize how productive your everyday work is, you might consider using productivity management tools. The absence of an accurate understanding of performance metrics nonetheless might cause these personal productivity tools to be useless. Therefore, a complex approach is necessary, incorporating appropriate online tools and positive changes in your productivity patterns.

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Productivity Online

Curiously enough, productivity is not directly related to time management. Obviously, there are a limited number of hours in a day, and if you concentrate mostly on managing time you will understand how much time is wasted. It is much more effective to learn how to manage attention, e.g. build priorities for people and projects that matter, and learn not to focus your attention only on how much time they take. If you think about productivity in affiliate marketing as an example, the more productive you are the more profits you generate. In other words, your tremendous efforts are going to be time-consuming but those will pay off.

Top Productivity Apps

Google will show you all kinds of paid and free apps with a variety of tariffs, ranging from time trackers and ending with accounting tools. As of today, it is common for businesses to place their ads and claim their products to be the best ones on the market. We offer you a list of top 5 online productivity tools which were found to be useful and effective. Moreover, we hope this guide will maximize your productive capabilities.


This office productivity tool has been created specifically for the management of group projects. However, it cannot be used for monitoring the progress of the tasks. Similar to Twitter or Discord, this application allows you to exchange messages and files as well as mention other users and conversations (called Channels inside the app). One of the main advantages is that Slack App Directory provides an opportunity to integrate multiple apps into Slack.

Its mission is to be a universal online storage site of files, ideas and provide access to them at all times. The Slack app is available for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android which makes it indeed available 24/7 no matter the device.


Todoist is the all-in-one cross-platform app­ — a task manager, a web service, and a package of project management and task management software. The app allows you to create tasks and subtasks, combine them into projects, assign certain task elements to a specific day and time as well as postpone them. The Todoist alerts are enabled for desktop and mobile devices and can be time-bound or location-specific. This app can be used for free, allowing personal and business-related data to be properly organized. Moreover, the app provides Premium and Business paid plans.


Procrastination is one of the main issues on the way to productivity. Using the Freedom app and website blocker is one of the easiest and the most effective ways to focus on work. Freedom is a cross-platform blocker and, therefore, can be used on any device. To use the application, you need to install it on the devices, set the rules and list the websites you want the app to block. After the settings are complete, the blocking system will work seamlessly.


Asana is a free project and task management system brought to lazy people by perfectionists. Asana, in contrast to famous Trello and Basecamp, has a wider variety of functions and intuitive interface. It solves the problem of managing projects and tasks for small groups and individuals. This tool is free for teams as big as 30 people.


The working process can be easily disturbed by a number of distractions and noises. The usual way to fight distractions — listening to music — might not solve the problem but become an even bigger distraction. Therefore, Noizio introduced the perfect background sounds to help you concentrate on the process with the help of classical music, sounds of coffee shops or nature and so on. This app is available for macOS, iOS, and Android.

Productive Yet?

As it was noted, tools and apps cannot guarantee your productivity to be over the top. The process of evaluating and working towards your top productivity mark is neither a quick nor a simple task. However, if your performance metrics are clear and all you have to do is just organize your workflow and get rid of distractions, you have a nice mood setter with ambient sounds on the background along with a list of work productivity tools. Once you pick one, you will be all set.

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