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The rising fascination of online sports videos and the immense commercialization of both regular and online sports events reshape the ever-evolving digital landscape. Apart from the limitless growth opportunities, the industry poses challenges for market vendors and internet marketers.

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Gambling Industry Overview

Online gambling is growing and changing at a record pace. However, the flexibility of the industry does not make it consistent. With the difference in gambling regulations worldwide, it is difficult to estimate the real global value of the gambling market. One thing is clear: it is broadly accepted and embraced by gambling enthusiasts all over the world.

Over the past few years, sports betting, the fastest-growing segment of the gambling industry, experienced immense growth. According to Statista, online betting makes up around 40% of the gambling market. Naturally, this market segment has a massive potential to expand and impact the related businesses and industries. With a growing number of dedicated and devoted sports lovers, eSports enthusiasts, and pro gamers, the size of the target audience is not likely to shrink any time soon.

Sports Betting Market Share by Region

The APAC region has the potential of becoming the largest and the most attractive market for major gambling operators and platforms.

Since Asia-Pacific has not only the strongest demand for betting services but also high population density, the contribution of this region to the growth of the sports betting segment cannot go unnoticed. While some of the gambling regulations have been relaxed in the APAC region, the industry is still closely monitored. China and Singapore, for instance, are accountable for the biggest share of APAC betting activities. While the market dominance is on the Asia-Pacific side, the US and EMEA are not bringing up the rear. With the US Supreme Court lifting a ban on betting and legalizing it in eight US states back in 2018, more favorable conditions are yet to come for local and international gambling businesses.

At the same time, the industry keeps changing and introducing not only progressive product extensions but also adopting blockchain and AI technologies. As for the digital marketing angle, gambling has been one of the top niches for a while now. What makes online betting lucrative and, therefore, attractive for affiliate marketers?

Betting Vertical and Affiliate Marketing

Since gambling operators offer multiple opportunities to place bets online, affiliate marketing is the most efficient way to bring immense amounts of traffic to their websites. With innovative and creative approaches as well as numerous ways to convert, online betting becomes a goldmine, no matter which niche is your main priority.

The eSports market, for instance, is significantly correlated with online betting. According to Statista, global eSports revenue reached $492.7 million in 2016. Even though this market is still in the stage of formation, most of the generated revenue came from bets placed on online tournaments, sponsorship, and advertising. Funnily enough, Asia-Pacific dominated this market back in 2016 due to the increasing public interest and profitability of the eSports niche.

Needless to say, the industry will inevitably attract more and more occasional viewers and pro players in the coming years. Online streams and world championships attract massive quantities of viewers and, therefore, open up unprecedented unique opportunities for affiliate marketers to make a fortune. Besides, there are multiple eSports betting apps, expanding the advertising and monetization possibilities for internet marketers. Call of Duty, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: GO, and League of Legends World Championships draw approximately the same (or even bigger) number of viewers as football events like the FIFA World Cup. For illustrative purposes, the number of occasional viewers and online gaming enthusiasts reached 323 million in 2016.

The same level of devotion applies to fantasy sports, making it yet another moneymaking opportunity for affiliate marketers. Depending on the type of sports popular in a certain country, it is relatively easy to understand and target the right audience. For instance, fantasy football is based on the idea that every user is a virtual manager of the famous football team. In the fantasy football world, users compete with each other by forming their football teams. What makes it so popular? Users get to choose real football players and get points for the actual performance of these players during the real football events. Therefore, betting in fantasy sports is as hot and trending as placing bets during actual real-time championships.

Betting Traffic Sources

Maximizing ROI is the number one priority for affiliate marketers regardless of the niche. When it comes to betting offers, there are several primary leveraged traffic sources. Since affiliate marketers are no strangers to creativity, it is up to you how to approach or which type of traffic to drive to these offers.

Social Media

When running betting offers, Telegram, VK, and YouTube are the most frequently used traffic sources. With YouTube, the best options are pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads, as well as video forecasts and links in the description section of the videos. Finally, VK and Telegram channels work great together. Therefore, launching cross-channel promotion might be one of the most efficient options if you are familiar with these traffic sources.

Push Traffic

Another extensively used option is push traffic. Apart from being affordable, it does not have multiple complicated requirements. One of the main rules is to avoid flashy headlines and bald-faced lies.

Forums and News

Multiple well-known news websites do not omit to post the latest gambling-related news. In fact, content published on such websites as and surprisingly began to incorporate even adult-related news. As for forums, it is one of the most traditional and familiar ways to drive gambling and betting traffic.

Adult Traffic Sources

This is where it gets interesting. The main point of the intersection between adult and betting verticals is the target audience. Naturally, for adult traffic to convert on betting offers, you need to understand the motivation of the target audience and hit the spot with the main message of your ads. Such advertising options as teasers, popunder, clickunder, and banners are the best options for adult websites. However, it is crucial to remember that the betting ad should correspond to the content of the adult website. This is when your creativity should be at its peak. Needless to say, your efforts will pay off.

Online betting is one of the most fast-paced and attractive niches in affiliate marketing. Even though you might not be a betting niche expert, there are numerous promotional opportunities and ways to convert. On the one hand, it might seem challenging because of the highly competitive environment. However, with numerous angles and limitless opportunities, it is possible to find just the right approach. If you have ever run adult offers, betting should be your next choice. After all, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

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