Blog Niche Ideas: How to Choose a Profitable Topic to Blog About


Blogging can be a fun and very rewarding hobby, but many bloggers today also use their blogs to make money-so much so, that the most profitable blogs have allowed their owners to quit their day jobs and earn serious amounts of cash just by talking about the things they love or are prepared to write about.

If you are interested in starting a profitable blog, there are various different things that you have to do to make sure that your blog attracts visitors and turns those visitors into profit.

Your blog content has to reach a wide audience of people who are interested in what you have to say or have to offer, and showcase opportunities to harness this traffic to make money, using innovative affiliate marketing ideas to earn commissions – which requires research and work!

In this article, we will help you to get started with guidance on the best blog niches, choosing a blog topic, and writing killer content that will bring visitors to your blog to make you money.

Blog ideas that make money

First of all, to make money from your blog it has to meet the needs of a specific niche-which means that your blog’s theme and the type of content that you post on it needs to be cohesive, and keep bringing visitors back to read your new content, as well as visiting in the first instance to read a particular post.

Blogs that don’t have a goal, a subject area, and a strong theme – or that otherwise lack real direction-simply don’t make money, because they do not develop a strong following and keep first-time visitors coming back for more.

This means that your first step is deciding upon a blog niche-this is a subject area, interest or topic that your blog’s content will revolve around-with posts and content designed to relate to that niche.

How to choose a blog topic or niche for your blog

Beginning with a subject that you are interested in, enjoy or know a lot about is a good start when it comes to determining your blog niche at the outset. Don’t just look at the obvious things either-think about what you like spending your free time viewing or reading about, or that you know other people enjoy.

If you follow other blogs, think about writing content in the same type of niche, or consider how you spend your free time on the internet, and turn that into a workable niche that you can write about yourself.

Look at what online products and services are popular and profitable too-what types of niches have a lot of people waiting to use them or buy from them, or have a large following and lots of buzz and discussion around them?

Think outside of the box, and consider the advantages that the internet provides in terms of privacy and freedom for individuals, who may have keen interests in things that they don’t feel able to advertise or openly discuss in real life, such as adult content, casual hook-ups and fantasies.

If you can market your blog to people like these, you will be able to tap into a rich and often hidden stream of traffic that is poorly served by competitors.

How to start a blog for profit

If you want to start a blog for profit, your first step is to identify a niche that has lots of interest and a strong following, and then choose a blogging platform, template and layout that will appeal to people interested in that niche.

Choosing the right blogging platform is important too-ensure that the platform that you pick won’t restrict or penalise the type of content that you want to post (particularly important if you intend to work within the adult content niche) and that ideally provides an indexing service and a searchable directory of their blogs, to assist with SEO and boost traffic.

Look at blogs and websites already working within your niche or similar niches and establish the most profitable blogs-those that get a lot of traffic, have a lot of followers, and that integrate well-placed links and calls to action-and use these as guidance to inform your own layout and content.

Make your design distinctive and different to the competition, but also, ensure that it appeals to your audience. A blog offering adult content shouldn’t be bright and gaudy or incorporate huge, flashing headers that will make visiting them indiscreet, or likely to catch the eye of the boss in the office-and ensure that you don’t have videos on auto-play or sexy soundtracks that begin as soon as someone clicks on a post, as this will lead to a high bounce rate.

Populate your blog with content and begin making posts to start getting your blog indexed and returned in search results, and make sure you integrate keywords into your headers, content, tags and blog description. Integrate your monetized links carefully and naturally-a blog that comes across as overly sales-oriented at the expense of strong content will soon put visitors off.

Use your posts to highlight or discuss a topic, service or other area of interest, catching the attention of your visitors and getting them mentally invested in the topic-before you put in a call to action or link to seal the deal.

Top blogger topics

When you have decided upon your niche and set up your blog, you have to populate it with good quality content. This is of course essential to give your visitors a reason to come to your blog and keep reading it, and also to get your blog ranked for SEO and shown in search results to people who want to see content like yours.

A good way to choose topics for your blog that are designed to win traffic and reach a large audience is to try out internet searches for keywords and terms related to your niche, and see what auto-fill options produce-then use this as inspiration for your blog topic. Remember to write your blog’s titles and sub-headers using keywords, to help to improve SEO, and use keywords in your blog’s tags too, so that people who want to read or see content of that type can find it easily.

Try to choose topics that provide something new, interesting or popular-or that provide a new angle on a subject that lots of people are enthused about.

For instance, if your blog is designed to serve the adult content niche, valuable and informative content that is apt to attract a lot of viewers might consists of reviews of dating and hook-up sites, clips of adult videos and photosets with teasers and links to the content itself, information and commentary on adult performers, or breaking news and the latest information on new websites and content.

Blog ideas to make money

The best way to monetize a blog is to research the most profitable niches and sign up with an affiliate marketing scheme that serves them, giving you immediate access to links and banners that you can place within your blog along with calls to action to earn commissions.

Coming up with new and fresh affiliate marketing ideas requires beginning with a strong affiliate partnership that offers top quality, unique or otherwise desirable content, plus support and incentives for affiliates and promoters to use to turn heads.

Look at the affiliate marketing offers and promotions showcased by your affiliate partners, and use these as the basis of your posts and promotions-finding the best angle to highlight their benefits and encourage your visitors to follow through with a click or purchase.

Clickbait titles with content that delivers on its promises, with a natural and strong call to action to support it, attracts traffic and makes money – as does promoting and sharing your blog posts and topics on external platforms like social media.

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