Buying Backlinks for SEO – Should You Do It?


As an affiliate marketer, your website and landing pages are what get you conversions.

The problem that many marketers have is getting traffic to these pages. Now, this can be done via paid ads and social media that give almost instant results but aren’t seen as a long-term strategy especially if you don’t have a big budget to keep investing in targeted advertisements.

SEO, on the other hand, is for the long term. It takes more work initially but it can result in quality traffic over time.

In this guide, we are going to focus on SEO and we’ll look at buying backlinks specifically. So, should you buy backlinks?

buying backlinks: should you do it and risks

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are super easy to explain.

You know how one website can link to another website? That’s a backlink. There a probably billions of backlinks out there on the web at the minute – it is hard to put a definite number on it! – and they all point to different websites.

There are a number of reasons why backlinks are useful. Not only do they link to relevant content that readers are interested in but they have an impact on SEO too. It is this second point that we are going to look at in this blog to answer the question – is it OK to buy backlinks?

How do they impact on SEO?

No-one knows for sure how backlinks impact SEO – Google keeps this a bit of a secret – but we do know that they have an impact. This isn’t always a positive one.

The more relevant the sites linking back to your own web pages are then the better chance you will have for your site to rank well. It isn’t just the number of backlinks you have but the quality of backlinks. Let’s look at an example.

You run a sneaker affiliate website. A sneaker review site puts a natural link to your landing page within the text. Is this good for SEO? Yes because it is a related site within your niche that isn’t forcing a backlink in an unnatural way. If this sneaker review site has a high rank and is of good quality then even better.

Bad backlinks are the opposite of this example. They are backlinks that come from low-quality sites, pages that have little or no relevance to your niche, poor quality guest posts or link farms and finally backlinks that have been purchased.

Should you buy backlinks for SEO?

Basically, no.

Everyone has thought about buying backlinks at some point. If you’re wondering where to buy backlinks then you have come to the wrong place because there are a lot of risks associated with this practice and any real SEO’s and marketers avoid buying backlinks.

It’s debatable whether or not it is a ‘black hat’ practice (perhaps grey hat?) but it should be avoided. If you buy backlinks and your site has link placements from low-quality websites then you’ll get penalised by Google and it can be very hard to recover from a big rankings drop.

What should you do instead?

You need to move away from the thought of buying backlinks and instead look at growing your backlinks naturally. OK, this may take longer than starting the buying process with cheap paid backlinks but it have a much more positive impact on your website in the long run.

There are a variety of ways in which you can get backlinks in 2018 and beyond that don’t involve paying for low-quality links or sites that have probably already been penalised by Google.

These methods may take longer and involve a lot more work but at the end of the day they are a fairly risk-free way of getting good quality backlinks that will impact on your SEO.

Backlinks and your website rank

Backlinks are great.

They not only allow readers to find other relevant content that they may find interesting but they also give your site an SEO boost too. How much weight is placed on backlinks is up for debate as Google keeps this a bit of a secret but we do know that good quality backlinks have a positive impact on SEO.

So, we’ve already answered the main question of this blog – should you buy backlinks in 2018? The answer is no the same way the answer was no in 2017, 2016 and 2015. Buying backlinks is a shady practice that may have an impact in the very short term but when Google realises this and penalises your website then it will be difficult to get it to rank well again.

Instead of buying backlinks you should look at building natural backlinks on good quality websites within your niche. It does take a bit more work but it is a much more positive and effective practice than paying a few dollars for something that will do more harm than good.

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