Can you Make Money with Gaming Affiliate Programs?


Do you play video games? Even if you don’t you probably know someone who does.

Video games have changed massively in the last decade. It is no longer seen as something teenager’s boys do in their spare time. People of all ages play games every day on all sorts of devices. It could be playing a game on your smartphone while you sit on the bus during your daily commute to work or playing on a games console when you get home to unwind.

There are around 2.2 billion games around the world. In fact, out of that 2.2 billion people who play video games on a regular basis, 1 billion spend money while playing.

This could be spending money on DLC, new items in certain games or even guides to help beat the game.

This represents a massive market but can you make money with gaming affiliate programs?

affiliate programs for gamers and gaming advertising

How big is the niche gaming market?

We’ve already seen how many people play video games across the world.

The gamer’s niche is really big. In 2017 gamers generated $108.9 billion in game revenues and digital revenue was 87% of this. China is the biggest market at the minute – they generated $27.5 billion while the USA and Japan came second and third.

So, it stands to reason that a big number of video game affiliate programs have emerged in recent years. Many affiliate marketers are making a lot of money from this niche.

This can be either selling games themselves and making a commission or promoting guides and showing people how they can stream their gaming adventures and potentially make money themselves. There are a whole host of different options out there for potential video game affiliates.

Video game affiliate programs

So, how do you get into the gaming niche and what are the most lucrative affiliate programs for this market? We have the top 3 affiliate programs that you can sign up to and begin making money.


It isn’t just buying games that allow affiliate to muscle in on this industry, for many people playing video games is a lifestyle. VGPMB stands for (Video Games Pay My Bills) and this offers a step by step guide for anyone who wants to become a self-employed gamer. That certainly isn’t a job title many people have!
The great thing about this affiliate program is that it can pay between $50 – 100 per sale and it also offers a 90 day cookie. There is also one to one affiliate training and all the tracking tools you need to keep on top of your sales. If you want to move into a sub-niche within the online video gaming industry then Video Games Pay My Bills is a solid and potentially very lucrative option.

#2 GameStop

GameStop is the largest physical game retailer. Even in an age when most retailers have moved to digital distribution of their games, GameStop still remains a popular outlet for people to browse games, talk to other enthusiasts and more.

You can sign up as a GameStop affiliate through the Rakuten (Linkshare) affiliate network. It gives you the chance to make commission through online sales as well as buying online and picking up at a physical store. Being affiliated with such a big name will work to your benefit as well and it is one of the biggest affiliate programs for gamers.

#3 GameFly

This is one of the biggest affiliate programs out there for games.

The way it works is users can rent games and have them delivered to their doorstep. It is a subscription service and these types of offers traditionally do very well from an affiliate standpoint. Being a GameFly affiliate can bring in between $15 to $25 per free trial. Considering GameFly has over 9000 games available to rent then it is very easy to market this service as there is something for everyone.

Online game affiliate programs

The gaming niche is one of the most lucrative around especially for affiliates.

Given how big the industry is and how diverse its demographic is nowadays, there presents a wide range of opportunities to make money from gaming affiliate programs.

Whether it is selling games themselves, guides to become a self-employed gamer or even strategy guides for different games, you can find something to promote within this niche.

Marketing affiliate gaming products and services is no different than any other market however the great thing is that because games are so popular among so many different people nowadays, you have such a big market to target and promote your products.

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