Choosing CPA Offers for Affiliates to Make Money Online


Choosing CPA offers for affiliate marketing

CPA offers are one of the backbones of affiliate marketing partnerships, and CPA affiliate programs offer a much higher level of potential earnings for affiliates than most alternative commission frameworks.

CPA stands for “cost per acquisition,” and this type of payment framework is also sometimes known as “cost per action,” “cost per conversion,” or “pay per acquisition” (PPA). CPA contrasts with the other main method of affiliate payment framework – CPC or “cost per click” – in that in order to earn the offered commission, the affiliate must do more than simply achieve a click-through and instead, must achieve an acquisition for the affiliate scheme.

Achieving an acquisition is, of course, a lot harder than simply convincing someone to click on a link, and so the commissions offered under this payment model are higher – reflecting the additional effort required to be successful.

Many affiliate schemes promote CPA offers to affiliates who are willing to go the extra mile required to turn a click into a conversion – and if you intend to work hard and want to maximize your potential affiliate income, CPA offers provide the greatest potential chances of making large profits.

In this blog post, we will cover how to choose a CPA affiliate scheme, how to promote CPA offers, and also, examine what to look for in the best types of CPA offers to promote.

Choosing CPA offers for affiliates

What is a CPA offer?

A CPA offer is an incentive or payment framework offered by an affiliate scheme to their partner promoters, designed to achieve a predetermined action on the part of the affiliate’s prospects – such as a sale, sign-up, call, or other commitment.

This contrasts with affiliate CPC offers, for which the affiliate just needs to get their promotions seen and get traffic to click on their affiliate links – which is of course much easier than actually making a sale or capturing data from your prospects.

CPA offers pay significantly more for successful conversions to the affiliates that achieve them, but of course, if you cannot convert those clicks or visits into actions, you won’t make any profit.

CPA offers are often favoured by affiliate schemes because they only have to pay out for successful conversions or acquisitions – and because of the extra effort and risk the affiliate takes to promote CPA offers and win acquisitions, CPA affiliate schemes usually provide a lot of promotions and incentives for affiliates to use to give them the best chances of success.

Other types of CPA offers

CPA offers require the affiliate to achieve a set action from their prospects – a sale, a sign-up, or something else. Another type of action that is common in affiliate CPA is pay per call, in which the required action that the affiliate has to achieve to earn their commission is a phone call on the part of the prospect – either encouraging them to make a certain call, or submitting their information and agreeing to receive a call at a later time.

Pay per call affiliate offers are popular among affiliate schemes that run premium rate phone lines, and also, those that use the direct contact in the form of a phone call to promote or sell offers, goods, and services.

How to choose a CPA

If you want to make as much money as possible by working with an affiliate scheme and so, want to aim for the higher levels of commissions offered under the CPA affiliate model, the first step is to choose a CPA offer that pays out at a good rate, and that you are confident in your ability to promote.

Look for free CPA offers from affiliate schemes to help you to promote the goods or services they offer, a fair rate of CPA commission that reflects the work (and potential financial outlay) involved, and of course, make sure that you have a plan in place for the best way to promote CPA offers to your target audience.

Choose a niche or type of goods or services that you want to work with – because you understand it, have a good idea of the target demographic, a plan for how to target them, and the enthusiasm to put the work in – and then seek high paying CPA offers that provide goods and services of that type and compare them side by side to pick the best option for you personally.

One important but often overlooked aspect of making the right choice when choosing a CPA is to ensure that the affiliate scheme you want to work with provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard to allow you to monitor your progress and ensure that the scheme’s offers and payment structure match their promises. This is just as important as finding a scheme that provides the incentives, promotions and other marketing tools you will need to help you to achieve conversions in the first place.

How to promote CPA offers

Making money with CPA relies on the cost per action affiliate being able to identify the best traffic source for CPA offers, and being able to promote CPA offers effectively to the target demographic to turn potential interest into profit.

Using mailing lists can also bring in traffic by sending out email marketing CPA offers to a large potential audience of recipients who match your target demographic, and while it is certainly worthwhile to consider this approach, getting past email provider spam filters and convincing your prospects to read your email and take action can be a challenge.

Mobile CPA offers are currently one of the fastest up-and-coming areas of affiliate marketing, and using mobile ads and promotions within other apps, games, and mobile websites allows you to reach out to potential impulse buyers, and people looking for immediate entertainment.

When it comes to how to promote pay per call offers, ad placements in complementary content that will be visited by people who share the same interests as your offerings is the best approach, and the best pay per call affiliate offers often work on a formula of heavily incentivising a limited time offer such as a trial or free content in return for the call or agreement to receive a call.

When you first begin to promote CPA offers, it is a good idea to use a wide range of different channels to showcase your content and reach your target audience and use your analytics to determine where the bulk of your traffic that converts into acquisitions comes from, and why.

You can then target the most successful platforms with intensive promotions and a larger proportion of your ad spend and effort, and let up on those channels that aren’t bringing in traffic or aren’t turning that traffic into acquisitions.

Ultimately, there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to choosing the best CPA products or services for you, nor the best way to promote them. However, earning money as a CPA or CPS affiliate requires you to identify your target audience, know where to reach them, offer something that they want, and be able to incentivize it to achieve the acquisition.

Ergo, when you are trying to find CPA offers to promote, bear all of these factors in mind, as well as the level of commission on offer.

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