Domain Hunter Gatherer Harnessing the Advantages of Expired and Used Domains


Those looking to make a living online will have many choices to make when it comes to their revenue streams.

The building website can be important for several reasons. Not only does it allow an online marketer a platform to promote a product or service, but these websites can also be sold on should the marketer wish to try some fresh avenues.

One of the most important parts of a website can be the domain name. Although some may have a brand name, there are those who are creating niche websites so may be looking for something that reflects what’s on offer.

However, as only marketing becomes more popular, the domain we’re looking for isn’t always available, which can be a major hindrance when looking to get a project started.

Fortunately, those who adopt a new way of thinking will not only be able to ensure that there are no obstacles in place but could have a benefit over the competition.

This is when a tool like Domain Hunter Gatherer can be a worthwhile investment, as not only can you find expired and aged domains with relative ease, but you’re also able to make use of several other features.

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The Benefits of Expired and Aged Domains: Why Use an Expired Domain Finder

The term “expired domains” can sometimes conjure up negative connotations, but an expired domain can be extremely beneficial for online marketers.

Of course, not all domain names will be profitable, so it’s important to have access to all the relevant information.

If the website was managed well in the past, then you could find that there is less work to carry out when putting the website together.

The more aged a domain is, the more backlinks and prominence it is likely to have online. Although some of these domains may be available to purchase straight away, others may be part of an auction.

Finding domains that have performed well in the past ensures that new marketers are given a boost when launching their website.

What is Domain Hunter Gatherer?

As the name would suggest, Domain Hunter Gatherer is domain scraper software that allows users to search for profitable domain names that have expired or are currently up for auction.

Of course, to be able to benefit from such software, it’s important that other elements are on board. Fortunately, Domain Hunter Gatherer doesn’t lack in this department.

Features of Domain Hunter Gatherer

There can be many ways of searching for the perfect domain auction, but there can mean more time is invested in a relatively monotonous task.

Domain Hunter Gatherer can track expired and aged domains with ease and place them all within one platform.

Many of the domains will be found via the use of keywords, and this is easier than ever in Domain Hunter Gatherer.

The domain scraper simply needs the relevant proxies and keywords added, and users are given access to a slew of domains, including expired, auctioned and web 2.0 domains.

However, there are also some other nifty features associated with the Domain Gatherer Hunter platform.

Hunt from Websites allows users to find domains that contain backlinks for a preferred website.

Reverse Hunter Domains allows users to find expired domains that contain backlinks linking to a domain you already own.

There are options available within each section that allows for the fine-tuning of search results.

Users can filter their results to only show domains that feature certain metrics. These metrics could include how many backlinks are connected to the domain, as well as how old the domain is.

The great thing about Domain Gatherer Hunter is that the interface is simple to use.

Although the user interface can seem a little dated when compared to other marketing tools, it does ensure that users can quickly adapt to the software.

Pricing of Domain Gatherer Hunter

Online marketing professionals will all have their own approach when it comes to how many domains they search for.

Fortunately, Domain Hunter Gatherer offers three pricing plans, depending on what the user

Free: Ad-Supported: Ideal for Those Using Domain Hunter Gatherer for the First Time

The free option is ideal for those stepping into the world of expired and aged domains and offers domain comparison, the age, authority and number of backlinks.

The Free option also offers over 35 metrics and well as some excellent video guides.

Premium: $17.00 Per Month: Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro is Perfect for Professionals

The next tier in Domain Gatherer Hunter offers the ability to search for Web2.0s that have links and social shares, the ability to register unlimited accounts as well as allowing users to search for domains using keywords.

It also offers all the features of the free option.

Professional: $87.00 Per Month: The Ultimate Domain Hunter Gatherer Experience

Those looking to completely immerse themselves in the world of aged and expired domains will want to ensure that they have access to as many features as possible.

As well as allowing users access to all the features contained within the premium options, users also get access to even more features.

These features include the ability to sources high-quality aged domains for a low, a unique domain SPAM check tool and the ability to reverse-crawl websites.

Overall: Is Domain Hunter Gatherer Worth the Time and Investment?

When it comes to using software, some can find that in some instances, both their time and money is wasted.

Fortunately, those searching for unique expired and aged domains will find that there is plenty of value of money, especially given that are three tiers to choose from.

Even the free option offers enough tools for budding entrepreneurs to get started when searching for the perfect domain.

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