The Essentials of Running Dutch Dating Offers


Geotargeting is an essential part of any advertising strategy, and every geo has its specifics and dynamics that prove to be critical to the sustainability, efficiency, and profitability of the advertising campaigns. Besides, precise geotargeting, along with meticulous optimization, are crucial for the success of affiliate campaigns. As the core element of the ad strategy for affiliate marketers, geotargeting allows delivering specific messages to different target audiences. When it comes to the dating vertical, the carefully determined preferences make it possible for affiliates to figure out the suitable approaches and, as a result, hit the spot primarily through the ad creatives. Therefore, strategic thinking and careful analysis of the geographical location guarantee accurate identification of the predilections and cravings of the target audience.

Online Dating in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, a.k.a. NL, remains one of the most lucrative Tier-2 regions, specifically for running dating offers. However, aspiring affiliates might get confused by the specific features of the region due to the evident lack of information and knowledge. To put to rest any remaining doubts and concerns regarding the GEO, affiliates should consider sticking with the familiar promotional techniques and adding a Dutch twist to them. 

While the Netherlands is a relatively small country, it is well-known for the active online dating life of its residents. Back in 2018, there were around three million single-person households in the country, which makes it clear why online dating remains trendy. Naturally, Dutch internet users are a perfect target audience for affiliate marketers specializing in running dating ad campaigns. That is particularly relevant today when times of global pandemic set the rules. Therefore, it is fair to state that online dating keeps evolving withing the GEO. Since it is considered not only a favorite leisure destination for tourists but also a mecca for the LGBTQ+ community, niche dating is thriving in the Netherlands. According to Statista, the online dating industry in the Netherlands is expected to reach US$23 million by the end of 2020. As for the average revenue per user, it is expected to amount to US$10.53. Given that the Dutch online dating industry is projected to show annual growth, there is a good reason for affiliate marketers to tap into the vertical. 

Peculiarities of the Dutch Dating Offers

The peculiarities of a specific GEO often result in the need for affiliate marketers to get a grasp of the specific area, culture, and language. Since the Netherlands is a Tier-2 region, affiliates do not need large budgets to test or run dating ad campaigns. In fact, it is the best option not only for experts but also for aspiring affiliate marketers. 

When running Dutch dating offers, affiliates should not focus exclusively on a young age, i. e. choose primarily young models for their ad creatives. The significant portion of the target audience, in this case, consists of solvent men well over 30. Despite the current unstable situation in the world, solvent men tend to be disproportionately deprived of attention, and that is when online dating comes into play. Therefore, the right trigger words accompanied by the suggestive image of a female model can make the CTR and other performance indicators go through the roof. Naturally, affiliates need to split test multiple age groups and appearances of models to see what works best for the specific offer. Apart from traditional dating preferences, the Netherlands offers a wide selection of niche dating options. Therefore, affiliate marketers running niche dating campaigns can base their ad strategy on the top local search terms like Dutch, lesbian, shemale, milf, and so on. 

Naturally, every affiliate marketer wonders about the suitability of traffic sources and, as a result, constantly searches for the well-performing unique approaches to ad creatives. For affiliates, it is a never ending story. Therefore, when it comes to Dutch dating offers, it is crucial to understand the type of traffic that converts best. The most popular and common traffic sources for dating offers are teaser networks. Teaser approaches prove to be efficient and cost-effective when it comes to running dating ad campaigns. Besides, the approach mimicking personal communication like messages, emails, and push notifications also proves to perform well. Apart from that, affiliates and developers go a step further and create bots for online dating purposes. This approach is based on creating multiple characters communicating in personal messages with the users. 

While it is crucial to consider the culture and specifics of the area, the real success of advertising campaigns is based on the right targeting, well thought through approaches, and attractive ad creatives. When dealing with Dutch dating offers, affiliates need to remember about the peculiarities of the local dating market and pay attention to the specific preferences of the target audience to hit the spot with the ad campaigns. Even though there is no in-depth information about running dating offers in this region, there are no hidden landmines or secret tricks of the trade. Depending on the specific offer, affiliates can obtain all the essential information from their affiliate managers. In a nutshell, there are no boundaries to creativity, and that is the main advantage of the affiliate marketing industry. Get on board if you are not with us yet! This is the way.

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