How to Find Affiliate Products to Promote


The best affiliate products to promote

One of the best ways to make money online without having to spend much (or any) of your own money is to promote affiliate products and services offered by a third-party partner, to earn structured commissions for your endeavours.

This means that the first thing you have to think about is actually finding affiliate products to promote, and knowing which are the best affiliate products to sell from among the thousands of affiliate schemes on offer out there can be a real challenge!

If you get the balance right and choose the right affiliate scheme, product, and approach to promoting it, you can potentially make serious amounts of money over the medium to long term – and in this article, we will lay out the basics of how to join affiliate programs, and find out the top affiliate products to promote to make money.

best affiliate products to promote

How to choose a product

A good place to start before you begin shopping around for an affiliate scheme to join is to decide what type of affiliate product you want to sell. However, when it comes to determining the best products for affiliate marketing, there is no one size fits all answer; and what works best for you will ultimately be the product that you can promote successfully, and achieve sales or conversions for.

Pretty much anything you can think of will be offered by an affiliate scheme somewhere, and so narrowing down your choices to find the best affiliate product for you is a solid foundation to your future money-making endeavour.

The product that you choose might be something that you already own, use, and know well or understand thoroughly, but this doesn’t have to be the case – and you might find that when you conduct your initial affiliate offer search to get a feel for the types of products available, something catches your eye and presents itself as a good candidate to consider.

Here are five golden rules for choosing an affiliate product to promote:

• Pick a product that you understand or can see the benefits of.
• Don’t choose a product that is already widely offered by other affiliates and so, has a lot of established competition.
• Look for evergreen products – products that will always have a waiting audience of buyers, rather than a product that is tried or bought once and then forgotten.
• Look for a specialist niche or something that some affiliates will avoid on principle, or because promoting the product requires a non-standard approach, which will discourage others from competing with you. Dating and hook-up products, for example, can provide a rich revenue stream of waiting buyers and a huge potential target audience, but not all affiliates will want to work with them.
• Work with a product that has an obvious target demographic of buyers, and that you are confident in being able to reach online and target effectively.

Find affiliates for your website

If you already run a website or blog, you might want to consider helping to support its running costs and make some additional money by finding affiliates that match the type of content and visitors that you currently have, and so, trying to convert some of your existing traffic into commissions.

Research affiliate programs to find one that serves the niche of visitors you get – for instance, if you use your website or blog to review products or talk about products or services that you use, finding affiliates that sell and promote the same or similar products or services is a very natural match.

When you begin adding affiliate products and promotions to an existing website with a waiting readership and traffic stream, it is also really important to integrate your links and offers naturally and not to spam your readers, as this will detract from the integrity of what your website says and does, and potentially, compromise your traffic and of course, fail to earn you any money.

Great affiliate products to promote

The best affiliate programs online usually work with multiple different affiliate partners to showcase a wide range of different products and types of products, which means that even when you have signed up with a scheme, you still have lots of choices to make!

When it comes to how to build an affiliate program, diversifying your endeavors by showcasing a range of different complementary products is a great way to maximize your income, as is using a range of different links and promotions for each one. However, take care when combining different affiliate products and promotions within one website or advertisement portal, and avoid mixing offers that are too similar or in direct competition with each other, in order to ensure the maximum yield for your efforts.

What is the best affiliate marketing program?

So, what is the best affiliate program? Just as is the case with choosing an affiliate product, when you are trying to find affiliate programs, the best affiliate programs to promote comes down to what is right for you, which might not be right for someone else. There are no product affiliate programs that universally yield better results than the competition for all affiliates!

Good affiliate programs all offer fair commission payments and a commission model that rewards the work you have to do to achieve a conversion, which means paying out at a higher rate for products that are challenging to promote, or for high-value conversions such as a sale or sign-up as opposed to simply achieving a click.

The best affiliate marketing programs all share the following traits:

• A clear and transparent commission structure that is outlined clearly to show affiliates what they have to do to earn commissions, and how much they will earn for each achieved action.
• A payment structure that rewards the work you put in to achieve a commission, and reflects the additional challenges of achieving a sale or sign-up over simply achieving a click.
• Provides access to a wide range of different affiliate products to allow you to choose the most appropriate options, and diversify and expand your offerings over time.
• Offers access to a large library of links, banners, promotions, and special offers to help you to achieve your goal of attracting prospects and converting them into commissions.
• Comprehensive analytics to allow you to assess how well your sales are going, and adapt your approach on the go to maximise your commissions.
• Support, advice and guidance for affiliates – particularly those just starting out – to enable you to get going quickly, avoid problems, and get help if something isn’t quite right.

Promoting affiliate products can be very profitable if you are prepared to put the work in, build on your success over time, and won’t get discouraged if your first campaign doesn’t pay off as well as you wished for. Starting with a strong initial product that you are enthused about, and finding an affiliate scheme that ticks all of the right boxes, is the best way to ensure your future success.

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