Google AdWords Training: List of the Best Courses and Guides


Being able to reach a targeted audience is one of the lessons that affiliate marketers need to learn quickly.

There is a big difference between reaching a large group of people and reaching the ‘right’ group of people. Look at it this way. Would you rather your ad was seen by 1000 random people who the vast majority (if not all of them) aren’t interested in what you have to offer them or would you rather your ad was seen by 50 people who are very interested in what you have to offer?

The second one of course!

This is why you need AdWords training. Don’t worry if you have never used it before or you don’t even know what it is, because we are going to explain everything for you. We’ll also show you the best Google AdWords training that you can find online so you can boost your skills too.

best way to learn google adwords online classes

First off: What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is an advertising program that is run by Google and it is one of the most effective ways in which you can reach targeted people through ads.

You know when you put a search term into Google and you see advertisements come up related to that search term? Well, that’s Google AdWords and getting your ad to show is something that a Google AdWords training course can teach you. In fact, AdWords makes google over $30 billion every year in advertising revenue – that’s a massive amount!

You bid for a certain keyword or key phrase and through a variety of different elements such as CPC bid and quality score, your ad may get shown on the front page of Google. This means a lot of clicks to your offer and a high conversion rate.

Best way to learn Google AdWords

Now that you know what Google AdWords is, how do you learn how to use it?

It isn’t as simple as creating a short ad and putting in a bid – there are lots of other things that you need to do this as well if you want to be successful. Anyone can set up an AdWords account and play around with it but this is unlikely to be an effective strategy.

By undertaking the best Google AdWords training you can really maximise your chances of seeing a high ROI (return on investment) for your ads and you can reach a very specific and targeted audience that actually want to see what you have to offer them.

OK, what is the best way to learn Google AdWords?

4 places for Google AdWords Training Online

There are a lot of training courses out there. Some are free Google AdWords training and others you need to pay for. We have compiled a list of the top 4 here.

#1 Wordstream PPC University

You probably think that you’ll need to pay thousands of dollars for this PPC university but the reality is that it’s completely FREE! This is why the Wordstream PPC University is top of our list.

These pay per click (PPC) lessons offer free AdWords training in the basics of the system, how to set it up and how to optimise your ads for the best results. You’ll also cover a lot of things such as geolocation ads and retargeted which you might have heard the terms but are unsure of what they mean.

As a beginner who wants a free Google AdWords training course you can’t go far wrong here.

#2 Lynda: Google AdWords Essential Training – now known as LinkedIn learning – has a wide range of courses and training available for internet marketers and they offer courses in almost everything from affiliate marketing, Photoshop, business skills to music production.

Their Google AdWords essential training is one of the best AdWords courses out there and for a complete beginning it provides a short but incredibly insightful way in which you can get into one of the most powerful advertising networks in the world.

It isn’t free – a LinkedIn learning subscription costs around $30 per month – but you can’t get a free month’s trial and complete the AdWords essential training in that time.

#3 Academy for Ads

This is a collection of short guides and articles on Google AdWords that have been created by none other than Google itself. Where better to learn about this powerful advertising method by the owners?

The great thing about the Academy for Ads is that it offers free Google AdWords training – you simply need to sign in with your Google account and everything is in front of you.

It is especially good if you are a newbie as it breaks everything down in clear and concise language.

#4 Udemy – Google AdWords for Beginners

Finally, we have Udemy and their beginners AdWords course.

They offer great Google PPC training if you are new to the game and it is one of the most accessible and insightful training courses on online advertising that is available at the minute.

You can buy this short course for $19.99 which is a big discounted rated from the usual price and in just over 3 ours you will learn everything you need to know to get set up. This includes AdWords basics, how to do keyword research and creating a targeted and effective advertising campaign.

AdWords courses and successful advertising

AdWords is an incredibly powerful tool and it is one of the main ways that many businesses get targeted traffic to their website.
We have shown you just a few of the great Google AdWords training list of the best course and guides in this short article. Even if you have used AdWords before then it is still a good idea to take on some of these courses to boost your knowledge even further.
Created by experts and used by thousands of people every year, these training courses teach you valuable lessons in how to use AdWords to your advantage for your online marketing efforts.

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