How to Find High Paying Affiliate Programs for Big Profits


Highest paying affiliate programs

Every affiliate or would-be affiliate wants to find high paying affiliate programs and hit upon the winning formula to earn lots of money. However, whilst every affiliate scheme is keen to attract new affiliates who can boost their profits, the best paying affiliate programs are often hard to find, because affiliates who already make a lot of money with such schemes are keen to protect their own success!

Additionally, what makes any affiliate program pay large dividends to their partners depends on more than just the scheme and product itself – it comes down to a combination of the right formula from the scheme, and the work, innovation, and efforts of the affiliate too. This is what makes the difference between a highly profitable scheme and a run-of-the-mill alternative – and even schemes that pay a relatively low rate of commission per click or action can potentially pay out in a big way if you as the promoting affiliate can make it work.
That said, starting off with a scheme that is generous with their dividends will obviously give you an advantage and a better chance of hitting the jackpot, as long as you are willing to put in the work.

If you want to know how to find high paying affiliate programs or perhaps want to integrate white label affiliate programs into your own website under the umbrella of your own brand or business, this blog post will share some insights and advice on how to do it.

How to Find High Paying Affiliate Programs

High ticket affiliate programs

High ticket affiliate programs make big payments to their partners for achieving the desired action on their behalf – such as a click, sign-up or purchase. However, affiliate schemes are also of course businesses, and like any business, they will be keen to maximize their own profits as well. There is always a reason behind why any affiliate program might be offering a chance of higher earnings than a similar competitor.

Ascertaining what this reason is before you sign up and get started will help you to understand the challenges involved in promoting the scheme and turning your efforts into profits – and provide insights and guidance on how to get around any barriers in your path.

Here are some of the most common reasons for why the best paying affiliate programs pay more, and if you can identify which one of them applies to the scheme in question, you will be better informed about whether or not to proceed:

• The scheme is new and seeking to attract their first affiliates with better profit incentives.

• The scheme has problems finding affiliates because the products and services they promote fall within a niche that not everyone wants to work with, such as dating sites or adult hook-up content.

• The products or services on offer are challenging to promote using traditional channels and require an adventurous, innovative affiliate to make them work.

• The scheme’s payment structure is based on sales or sign-ups rather than simply traffic and clicks, which is, of course, harder to achieve on the part of the affiliate.

• The scheme wishes to attract white label affiliate partners to create an independent franchise or sell products and services under their own brand, rather than acting as an intermediary to forward traffic to the scheme itself.

• There is a limited range of channels and methods that can be used to promote those high paying affiliate programs that return large profits, making it harder for the affiliate to earn those high commissions.

• The price of the product or service on offer is high enough that your audience of potential buyers will be limited to high net worth individuals or people with a large amount of disposable income.

• The market is already saturated with competing affiliates, and/or the product or service in question has peaked and to find new buyers is hard.

Aside from the final entry on our list – which is usually best avoided unless you have a particularly innovative idea or approach in mind to promote the scheme – none of the reasons above mean that you should avoid the scheme in question, but that you should factor this information into your plans for promoting it, to ensure that you take the right approach.

Put simply, the best paying affiliate programs all take work and effort – usually more so than schemes with lower payment thresholds – but the profits that you can make when you do this will be much higher than you would be able to achieve with a lower paying alternative, which makes them fully worthwhile.

Affiliate programs that pay

Affiliate programs that pay out big are willing to invest in the success of their affiliate partners and provide the incentives that they need to make the greatest amount of income for both themselves and the scheme.

This is particularly likely to be the case with white label affiliate programs, which are always keen to attract new partners who are willing to rebrand the available offerings under their own label, or showcase, promote and sell offers without making it obvious to the visitor or buyer that the originator is a different company.

If you already operate your own website, blog or business and want to diversify your efforts to sell products or services to your existing audience or future prospects, signing up with a white label affiliate program is often the most profitable approach.

However, this is not the only way to make money with high paying affiliate programs, and you can also of course work under a more traditional affiliate partnership model, finding channels and platforms to promote your partner’s services and sending traffic and customers to them directly.

Promoting big ticket affiliate programs successfully means that you will usually need to invest some money as well as time into making a profit, by means of paying to promote your content, getting your offers seen, and attracting traffic, but this should begin to return a meaningful profit in short order, assuming that you do your due diligence on the right approach and channels to use.

Even if you don’t want to invest your own money up front to promote those high paying affiliate programs, taking an innovative approach and being willing to put the time in to find and target potential buyers – which may mean targeting individuals and doing lots of groundwork manually to post on forums and social media platforms – can still result in success.

How to find high paying affiliate programs

So, now that you’re well informed about how and why high paying affiliate programs work and their advantages and potential limitations, how do you go about finding them in the first place?

Here are our suggestions.

• Big ticket affiliate programs don’t scrimp on their own promotions and marketing endeavors – they want to attract affiliates, and so should be fairly easy to find online with a little research.

• Partners and promoters of high paying affiliate programs usually ensure that they are easy to find too, to maximize their own income – so find your future competitors and what they offer, and trace their offers back to the source to find high paying schemes to make your approach.

• Look for white label affiliate programs to pair up with on an affiliate commission structure basis, as schemes of this type are always looking for new partners who are ready to get to work.

• Think about luxury goods and services that you see offered for sale online via a variety of channels and mediums, and trace them back to the originator or managing scheme that arranges affiliate promotion partnerships.

• Check out the full range of products and services different schemes provide to affiliate partners to promote and choose a scheme that specializes in high value offering such as luxury goods or premium services.

• If you already work with an affiliate scheme and make a significant amount of money for them as one of their top affiliates, don’t be afraid to renegotiate a better deal for yourself to promote new products and services, or future promotions.

• Identify a selection of target demographics of high net worth individuals, buyers of luxury goods and people with a lot of disposable income, and find out what type of products they buy and how they buy them – and look for an affiliate scheme that serves these niches.

Don’t forget that joining a high paying affiliate program isn’t a license to print money – joining the scheme is only the beginning, and those profits won’t start rolling in until you put the work in.

The best paying affiliate programs aren’t always the easiest to promote – this is often a large part of the reason for the higher-than-average payouts. But if you do your research, make a plan and approach marketing your products and offers just as you would any other cash business, you can make much more money than you would be able to with an alternative, lower value schemes.

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