How Does Affiliate Device Targeting Work?


We use a range of different devices every day.

Think about it. You probably check the news and social media on your phone in the morning, work at a computer during the day, watch TV at night and perhaps play games on your tablet too.

From an advertising perspective, this means that marketers can’t just focus on one single device. If you do then you are missing out on a big audience that uses one device but perhaps don’t use any others.

In this guide we are going to look at affiliate device targeting, why focusing on several devices is necessary and finally to find out if cross-platform advertising is worth it.

how to do multi platform advertising

What is cross-platform advertising?

As people use so many different devices throughout the day, cross-platform advertising is a method for marketers to target these people on some or all of these devices.

Essentially it means paid ads being displayed to people on the desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Instead of businesses just focusing on one of these devices, cross-platform advertising means
targeting them on several devices.

By using a cross-channel advertising platform you can manage these ads over different devices.

When would you use it?

People use devices differently and for different purposes.

When it comes to using multi-platform marketing, it is vital to understand why people use different devices and how it is best to target them on each one.


Desktops were once e the primary method of accessing the internet. However, in recent years they have been in decline and 2017, in particular, saw a big sales slump.

When targeting desktop or laptop users, you can add in more content as it has a larger display and is more suited to digesting larger ads or more in-depth content than mobile devices. Some people still prefer desktops or laptops due to the fact that some sites or ads still don’t format correctly on mobile or have a truly responsive design. While desktops might be in decline and laptops are stagnating, it is still important that you target this audience.

Mobile devices

Mobile devices overtook desktop as the main way to access the internet back in 2016 and that trend has continued in both 2017 and 2018.

For marketing purposes, there is more you can generally do with mobile devices and you can find out more information about your audience and this lets you target demographics better. This includes things such as GPS, places visited, search patterns etc… If you are marketing to a mobile audience (which you should!) then things have to be concise and straight to the point.

Engage them as quick as you can and the process from viewing the ad to converting needs to be as fast as possible.


Tablets can be slightly harder to pin down a successful marketing strategy. They sit in between the desktop/laptop and mobile devices.

While they have a bigger screen and can generally display the same ads and content as desktops, they are used like mobile devices so everything still needs to be bite-sized and concise. If you are going to target computer tablets then treat it as a halfway point between desktops and mobiles – use elements of both.

What devices are the highest converting?

Remember when we wrote above that mobile devices have overtaken desktop devices as a method of accessing the internet? Well, when it comes to conversions it gets a little more complicated.

It is easier to convert someone when they are using a desktop than a mobile or tablet devices. There are a number of reasons for this including the sign-up process on mobile can be cumbersome as well as payment issues. Mobile and tablet devices are on the rise in terms of making sales as they are being used more, however, more can be done from a business’s point of view in order to make it easier for people to convert when using something other than a laptop or desktop PC.

Does affiliate device targeting really work?


Cross-platform targeting should be used by all marketers. Failing to do this and instead just focusing on one device means potentially missing out on a big audience that would otherwise convert to your offers.

Multi-platform marketing is essential for any PPC or advertising campaign. Desktops might be being used less to access the internet these days but they still lead the way in terms of conversions. Don’t ignore your mobile audience but you need to ensure that ads, landing pages and the conversion process are responsive and optimised for smartphone’s and tablet devices.

Affiliate device targeting is important and you need to spread your marketing campaign across various devices to ensure that you reach as big an audience as you possibly can.

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