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How Does Facebook Pixel Work?


Facebook is a very powerful social media network that has work wonders for many affiliate marketers.

With over 2 billion active users is it any wonder that 93% of marketers regularly use Facebook for advertising? In the first quarter of 2017 Facebook earned over $7.5 billion from advertising.

So, if you are using Facebook ads or you are contemplating using Facebook ads in the future then you need to know about a great tool.

It is called Facebook Pixel. You’re probably wonder what does Facebook Pixel do and how can it help to boost your marketing efforts? Well, we are going to tell you all this and more.

what is facebook pixel?

What does Facebook Pixel do?

Facebook Pixel allows you to track all the data from your Facebook ad campaign.

You place a piece of code onto your website and it tracks the pixel data so you can see how your conversions are doing. With the data that you collect from Facebook Pixel you can optimise your ads for future success and build a targeted audience. It also allows you to remarketed to qualified leads as well.

How Facebook Pixel does this is that it using the code for Pixel tracking and triggers a cookie which allows you to track how traffic from Facebook ads interacts with your website.

What benefits does it have?

Now you know what Facebook pixel is, what benefits can it actually bring to your marketing campaign?

#1 Remarket to leads

Remarketing is when you show targeted ads to people who have visited your site or clicked on your ad but haven’t followed through with a purchase.

With Facebook Pixel you can show these targeted ads with their data. If someone visits your site and doesn’t make a purchase or has an item you are selling in their cart but haven’t completed the buying process then you can retargeted them via this tool to capture these conversions that might otherwise have lost.

#2 Optimize your ads

With the data that Facebook Pixel tracks, you can make better ads by optimising them to your audience.

You can see the demographics and interests of the audience that are interacting with your ads so that you can tailor them to these people. It means you can create better and more effective

Facebook ads that improve the experience for those that see them. In the long run this should help you to improve your conversion rate as well.

#3 Create lookalike audiences

Pixel also works to expand your target audience. As a marketer you should be aiming for consistent growth all the time.

By collecting the data that Facebook Pixel gives you the platform to create what is called a lookalike audience. These are people with the same or similar likes, interests, and demographics to the traffic that are interacting with your ads already. This allows you to reach out to a greater number of people and expand your potential customer base with more conversions.

#4 Track your conversions

Finally, you can track your conversions!

This is one of the most important parts of using Facebook Pixel and the only way in which you will see the true potential of your ad campaign is to track how well it is doing. How many people click on your ad and how many people complete a purchase? These are all things you should be keeping track of and Facebook Pixel gives you an easy way in which to do this.

How to use a Facebook Pixel?

The benefits of using Facebook Pixel are there for all to see – but how do you actually use it?

It comes with a predefined list of standard events – there are 9 in total that you can track. This consists of: who views your content, who searches for something on your site, who adds a product to their cart or adds it to their wish list, who starts the checkout process, adds payment information and eventually who actually makes a purchase. You can also track leads when someone signs up for a free trial or completes the registration process.

You can also set up a list of custom events or actions to track to that might be more relevant to your campaign.

Understanding Facebook Pixels and your campaign

Facebook Pixel is a very powerful tool that anyone who uses Facebook for ads should be making use of.

It isn’t hard to use this tool once you get the hang of it and it offers a range of great benefits that can massively help your ad campaign.

Facebook provides a fantastic platform that you can use to target a specific group of people who may be interested in your affiliate products and services. With Facebook Pixel you can track this data, improve your ads and also expand your customer base and get more conversions over time.

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