How is AI in Marketing Used?


The way in which we market to people and the technologies that we use is rapidly evolving.

With the advent of digital marketing and leveraging the internet to reach out to potential customers and clients, the emphasis has been placed on how best to use technology. Using tech has many wide-ranging benefits such as allowing human resources to be deployed elsewhere and even automating some processes.

In this article, we’re going to have a look at AI or Artificial Intelligence to find out how it is being used in the digital marketing world today and possibly in the future too.

What actually is AI?

So, you’ll know the AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and while we might not be at the stage of development that you see in many sci-fi movies, it can be incredibly powerful.

Essentially AI can be used to perform tasks that are normally carried out by humans. So, things like problem-solving and process automation are big areas that AI can be used in.

There are a ton of different technologies out there that are designed to make the marketing process not only easier but more effective as well. It is one of the big areas that will be developed this year and beyond. Some of the main reasons for investing in AI for marketing include:

● Getting ahead of competitors in the same market
● Being able to branch out into different businesses
● Better service delivery and ability to reduce costs

artificial intelligence in affiliate marketing

8 ways AI is used in Digital Marketing

So, what are some of the ways in which AI is actually used when it comes to digital marketing?

We’ve got 8 examples for you.

#1 Chatbots

These are already widely used.

When you open up a webchat on a website the chances are that it is going to be a chatbot that answers your questions. While they excel at dealing with frequent questions, how do they work to increase your digital marketing activities?

Well, if there is one thing people hate it is waiting a long time for an answer to something before they make a purchase. As a business may only have a limited human capacity to deal with queries from potential customers, chatbots can help to fill this void. They can respond to common questions, give the person the information they need which can then propel them on to make a purchase.

#2 PPC Advertising

With any kind of online advertising, there has been a big shift to using AI to help. It massively reduces the time spent on bidding and campaigns and can also make split-second decisions that humans can’t.

With PPC advertising, AI is being used to great effect. It can assist with:

● Pausing ads that are performing poorly to reduce costs
● Adjust PPC bids to boost your ROI
● Predict behaviour of consumers for better ad campaigns
● Generate a lot of data for you to optimise your ads

AI in paid advertising isn’t exactly new but it is getting more powerful and more effective.

#3 Content Creation

While we maybe aren’t at the stage for AI to create all your content for you – and some programs will market themselves at being able to do this but caution should be taken if you want high-quality content – it does serve a valuable purpose in content creation.

There are several ways in which artificial intelligence is helping. From generating content ideas right through to assisting with content marketing, AI is proving to be a necessary resource to use.

#4 Email Marketing

Email still plays a major role in digital marketing and it remains one of the most effective ways in which you can reach out to potential customers.

After all, if they have signed up to your email list then they are interested in what you have to offer. When it comes to AI, technology can use complex algorithms to help craft personal emails to your subscribers. It takes data such as the interactions they made with your website, articles they have previously read, comparing their interests to similar visitors and much more.

This all works together to deliver personal emails that consists of curated content that your list wants to read.

#5 Behaviour of your customers

By employing the use of powerful AI technology, businesses have been able to offer valuable marketing insights that would normally take hours and hours of human input.

This includes things such as purchase behaviors, how people interact with your website, their past communication with you as well as many other variables. By utilizing this data, you’ll be able to respond to their needs quicker and more effectively so that your digital marketing matches the products and the people who are interested in them.

#6 Positive impact on SEO

With AI you can dive much deeper into the SEO data and really boost the keywords that you target.

The way in which people search for things online is becoming more nuanced and they are using keywords that you perhaps won’t find by other methods. For example. With artificial intelligence, it can look at complex relationships between search terms so that you can find links between certain phrases and better understand how your potential customers search for things.

This semantic searching can improve your SEO game so you target keywords, phrases, and people who you wouldn’t normally be capturing.

#7 Voice Search

We probably all know someone with an Amazon Echo or we have one ourselves, not to mention all the different virtual assistants that are out there.

This follows on from our last point – artificial intelligence and the rise of voice search is directly impacting the way in which digital marketers target customers. This means that the way you approach your SEO game will need to take into account voice search as well.

For many people using this type of AI is a much easier way of finding information and marketing campaigns need to take this on board.

#8 Image recognition

Many stores are now using facial recognition technology to trace the visits of customers to their stores and they can use this information to ping real-time offers and discounts to their device.

In the EU, this does have GDPR implications since this came in a couple of years ago.

However, AI is still being used across the world to enhance the image and facial recognition and use this data to improve services and offers to customers.

The future of AI in marketing

Artificial Intelligence isn’t something that is still 20 years ago and you only see in sci-fi movies.

AI has been around for a while in one form or another and it has become an integral part of the digital marketing process.

In the next few years, we’re going to see new technologies being released which will further automate certain tasks and allow businesses to use this to get a better understanding of their audience. While it is widely utilised at the minute, beyond 2020 it is going to become even more of an integral component of digital marketing strategy.

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