How to Create Affiliate Landing Pages That Make Money


There are various types of methods you can use to get people to click on an affiliate link and buy a product or service that you are using. If you really want to make money then you need to have an effective affiliate landing page.

Don’t know what that is?

Well, don’t worry because we are not only going to explain what a landing page is but we are also going to look at what makes an effective sales landing page.

high converting landing pages

What is an affiliate landing page?

A landing page is very easy to define.

It’s basically a standalone webpage (or oftentimes a website with its own domain) that is there to promote one product. Think of it like a sales page – its sole purpose is to convince someone to take action (we’ll look at a call to action later) so that you sell your affiliate products.

It is a simple concept however actually creating a good landing page that will make money isn’t easy! A sales landing page has to have various components in place for it to work properly.

The best converting landing pages have these things

Before we start to look at what the best converting landing pages you need to identify your audience.

What makes them ‘tick’? Through lead generation, you will get hits to your landing page but you need to know what motivates that audience and how you can keep the bounce rate to a minimum. Even though this will be very subjective to your niche and your audience, there are certain things that make a landing page effective and the best high converting landing pages have a very similar layout.

Different elements of a landing page

We can put the first 3 things of good landing pages into one category.

First things first – you need a headline. Did you know that a visitor will exit out of a website after just 8 seconds if you don’t capture their attention? Seriously, 8 seconds is no time at all!

Once you have your headline in place you need your landing page text accompanied with what we call the ‘hero shot’. This is an image that relates to the product you are trying to sell and it should be positive and show why the person reading your text needs it. Remember, landing pages are designed to be short, straight to the point and should focus completely on WHY they need that product.

Social proof

When you eat out, visit an attraction or stay in a hotel you probably look for reviews, right? Well, buying an affiliate product is no different. Post social proof of people talking about that product online or even use some testimonials if they are available.

This can be slightly difficult with a new product however if it is something that has been around for a while then this shouldn’t be a problem and makes all the difference if you want to create a killer sales landing page.

Call to action

Finally, you need your call to action.

This is perhaps the most important part of any page and it is one of the most effective landing page ideas. You need to convince the person reading it to take action which is to buy the product through your affiliate link. A call to action button (or even buttons depending on the length of your landing page) is vital because it is an easy way to ensure people go onto the next stage of the process after reading about how great the product is. This is how you make it easy for someone to make a purchase – if the process is confusing then they will simply hit the back button.

How to create an effective landing page

We showed you above the key elements of high converting landing pages but how do you create one?

There are a number of landing page tools and templates out there and you can take a template and modify it to suit your products. If you prefer to use WordPress then there are templates and other tools and plugins available which allow you to do this easily.

It is actually very straightforward to create a landing page and once you know the basic elements of what you need you can test different layouts and design to see what works best.

Remember that you need to have a quick page speed because if it takes 5-10 seconds for the link in your call to action button to load then people will simply exit and you will have lost a sale.

How to analyze traffic from LP

It is important that you analyze the traffic to your landing pages, how they interact with the website and how you can improve the experience for the visitor.

This includes looking at things such as bounce rate, lead generation and where your visitors come from and also your campaign goals and how successful they were. There are many data metrics that you should pay attention to because analyzing this data can seriously improve the performance of your landing pages.

Landing pages and affiliate marketing

Landing pages are one of the key things in the affiliate marketing world and they have been around for a long time.

Getting your landing page right can be a process of trial and error and hardly anyone gets it to spot on the first time.

In saying that, there are various elements of a landing page that are almost universal because they work so well. Remember that you need to be concise without being overly salesy, have clear calls to action with proof to back up how good the product is and also provide a quick and seamless experience for the user.

Not everyone who ends up on your landing page will actually go on to make a purchase or complete whatever action it is you desire however if you set it up correctly and track its progress you will see results over time.

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