How to Create an Effective Affiliate Marketing Funnel


Affiliate marketing itself is a pretty straightforward concept.

You pick a product that you want to promote as an affiliate, start putting out your affiliate link and when someone clicks on it and purchases that product you get money. Easy, right?

Well sort of but the process of actually getting people to buy the product isn’t easy. We are going to show you what an affiliate marketing sales funnel is, how to create one and why they are vital to your affiliate marketing success.

Stages of a successful sales funnel

What is an affiliate marketing sales funnel?

A sales funnel is easy enough to define.

Essentially it is the journey that a person takes leading up to making a purchase or fulfilling the goal that the campaign is based on. As we will see later on in this guide, there are usually 3 stages to a standard affiliate marketing funnel although it could be larger.

If you want to make money online then a sales funnel is one of the necessary parts of doing this particularly when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Things to do before your sales funnel

Before we get into the stages of an affiliate funnel and how you can create one, there are a few steps you need to take first.

After all, how can you have a sales funnel without a product or promote? The steps to take before you begin building a successful affiliate funnel are the very beginnings of being an affiliate marketer. So, what are they?

Find your niche

It isn’t just about finding a niche per se, you need to find one that interests you, motivates you and that is actually profitable too.

You might absolutely love a particular topic but if there isn’t money to be made (or barely any money at all) then focusing on it is going to be a waste of time. Find your niche first before you even think about creating a sales funnel and find out what you are interested in. Some niches make more money than others however the key is to strike a balance between a subject that motivates you and one that you can actually make some money with.

Start promoting your product

Finding people to go through your sales funnel means that you need to begin finding places to promote your funnel and affiliate link in the first place.

Stages of a successful sales funnel

Now that you have your niche picked out and you know where it is you are going to promote your products, you need to learn the 3 stages of a sales funnel.

The blueprint is pretty standard. The reason for this is because it works! Sales funnels can incorporate more steps and be a bit more complicated however these are the 3 crucial parts of the funnel that you need to make money online.

#1 Opt-in page

Your opt-in page is where you convince the user to sign up to your email list. You send the traffic that you generate to this page.

It needs to be straight to the point, sell the reason why they should sign up in a compelling way and offer something for them. Think about it – are you going to give out your email address for no reason without getting anything in return? Probably not and neither is anyone else. When you promise something such as a free eBook or a short video about the affiliate product, the person is then directed to the Thank You page as soon as they give over their email address.

#2 Thank you page

This page is where you say thanks to the person for giving over their email address and offer them whatever it is they had to sign up for – a short video, free eBook etc…

It is at this stage that you begin the process of relationship building which is so important within affiliate marketing. The thank you page is a way in which you create trust with the user which is vital when it comes to convincing them to buy high-end affiliate products and services.

#3 Affiliate offer

The affiliate offer page (or it can even just be your affiliate link) is how you make money. When they click on this link it will take them to the product page of what they are going to buy and you get a commission when they purchase the product.

Many people are after a quick funnel however sometimes the process of getting people from the first stage (signing up) right through to the last (clicking on the affiliate offer and making a purchase) can take time.

How do you create an affiliate funnel?

Setting up an affiliate funnel can be pretty easy. In fact, there are various methods by which to do this and, depending on the affiliate product you are promoting, some funnels will take a slightly different form than others.

The key to a successful funnel is building that initial relationship with the user. You won’t convert them if you don’t build trust and a rapport right away. The aim of the funnel is to entice the person into signing up, offer them something in return and then begin to move them onto the next phase which is clicking on an affiliate link and purchasing the product.

Sales funnels aren’t complicated and depending on what platform you use or what you aim to achieve there are various tools, plugins, and programs out there that can help. That being said, you do need to put the work in but with time and effort you can move people through the sales funnel successful and begin making money online.

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