How to Find Expired Domains and How to Use Them


We all know what a domain is, right?

It’s the address you type into your browser and it takes you to a website. However, did you know that expired domains can prove invaluable to your affiliate marketing efforts?

We’re going to look at what old domains are, what you can use them for and some things that you should look out for when purchasing one.

how to use expired domains for sale

What is an expired domain?

When you buy a domain it comes with a specified time period that you own it for. This can be 1 year, 2 years or even longer in some cases.

Expired domains are those that haven’t been renewed so their ownership has expired. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that you can purchase the domain and use it to your advantage.

What can you use expired domains for?

Before we look at how to buy an expired domain, what purpose do they serve?

Website redirects

If a domain has a name that is close to your affiliate business then you can purchase it and redirect it to your own affiliate site.

For example, if the domain is and you run an affiliate golf service that provides links to various golf products then anyone who goes to that domain will be redirected to your own site. It can help to bring in more traffic and more conversions for your affiliate products.

Creating an authority site

Some expired domains have a high authority rating. Instead of spending months trying to build up the authority of a completely new domain you can harness the power of an expired domain.

This means purchasing the expired domain, populating the website with content and then using its existing authority to save you a lot of time and effort.

Affiliate products and services

Sometimes looking for expired domains is great to purchase one that is related to your niche.

You don’t even have to use it as a redirect or it doesn’t even need to have a high authority rating. It might just be the case that one particular expired domain is perfect for what you need.

How to find expired domains

So, how do you find expired domains for sale?

One method is to use special software called an expired domain scraper to do this. Domain Hunter Gatherer is a tool that has been specifically created to help you conduct an expired domain search easily. You can easily search for expired domains with keywords or domains that are linked from other websites.

You can also use domain and hosting websites to find expired domains too and some have a big catalogue on expired domains on offer.

Things to look out for when buying recently expired domains

Domain authority

Domain authority is an important metric in deciding how valuable or important a domain is. The lower the domain authority then the cheaper it will likely to be to purchase however this will require more work to boost the authority and get you up the search rankings. This is decided by things such as how old the domain is and what the backlinks are like that link to it.

Your budget will decide the DA of the expired domain that you choose.

Social media authority

Many expired domains have a strong social signal in that they have been mentioned and linked to from social media profiles.

This is another metric that is important to look out for because a domain with a healthy social media authority can save you a lot of work done the line as well.

Why is the domain expired?

This is crucial because you don’t want to purchase a domain that has expired due to being flagged as spam. This means you will find it very difficult to rank that domain and it will be pretty worthless to you.

Tools such as Moz Spam Score can help you seen how many sites (if any) are linking to that domain and have been penalised by Google or marked as spam. If the domain has a low spam score and is just expired because the owner didn’t want to renew then that’s fine however a domain with a high spam score that has previously been penalised should be avoided.

Using expired domains in 2019

Expired domains can be a highly effective way in which you can get a quality domain with a high authority rating and use it to your advantage.

There are many expired domains for sale out there that fit into your niche. You can use an expired domain to simply redirect to your existing affiliate site, provide the basis to build an authority website or even start a new site from scratch.

As long as you do your research properly, find out why the domain has expired and also look into the authority of the site before you buy then you can potentially get a highly valuable domain for an affordable price.

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