How to Get Quality Leads for Dating Site Offers


The bottom line of determining whether someone is a good affiliate marketer or not is the number of quality leads they can bring. And in certain industries, like dating sites, this matters much more than in others. This article will give you some pro tips on how to get quality leads for dating site offers and significantly up your game in affiliate marketing.

How to Get Quality Leads

What are Quality Leads

The first thing we need to define is what quality links are. In general, those are the people who are very likely to convert into paying customers after visiting a website. The higher the possibility, the higher the quality of the lead is. It is logical that merchants will want traffic which is easily monetized so they will establish good working relationships with affiliate marketers who can provide that. What is more, if you can prove that you will bring quality leads to a merchant’s website, your chances for higher payouts and further opportunities are increasing too.

However, you also need to take into account the fact that many advertisers will have their own criteria of what a quality lead means to them.

They will look at things like:

● Type of traffic
● Devices from which traffic is coming
● Type of audience
● The actions a user would take

So if you can only generate traffic from bots or users who are looking for no-payment-involved offers, unfortunately, your leads will be considered low quality. On the bright side, there are different ways, in which you can improve that quality, especially in the case of dating sites.

How to Improve Lead Quality

1. Get to know the audience

One way to get high-quality leads is by getting to know your audience better. Find out what they like and dislike and craft your content around that. Good and relevant content is a lead magnet and also a high conversion power. Usually, you can get the data you need through primary or secondary research.

2. Target demographics with more residual income

Generally speaking, people over 30 are in a better position and more inclined to proceed with a paid offer than those who are younger. In addition, they may be less experienced in finding similar offers for free on the Internet. Again, you will have to use the appropriate content for that age group, which may involve older action heroes and a language/slang/tone that they can relate to.

3. Avoid the word “FREE”

If you are expecting a user to make a purchase and advertise that service using the word free, you are making a big mistake. First, they won’t pay attention to what you are really offering, just the fact that it will cost them nothing. Second, you are already breaking a promise if you only used the word to bring them to the site, but in reality, you want to charge them. A better approach is to offer a trial period at no cost and then premium service for a certain fee.

4. Use SubIDs

SubIDs help you find out which part of your ad got the most low-quality leads and make adjustments to improve it. It could be the visual content (picture), the text or the placement. Having this information and acting on it could have a massive positive impact on the leads quality.

5. Beware of bots

Obviously, traffic from bots is defined as low-quality leads. A very simple way of determining how much bots you get through your ads is by setting your budget to the minimum and run the campaign until the budget runs out. Any placements that got more than 60 impressions should be eliminated as they bring only low-quality leads.

6. Be creative

Creativity is an essential part of getting quality leads for dating site offers. The visuals and the copy should be carefully designed to appeal to the selected audience and make them want to spend their money for that service. Furthermore, this content will have to be regularly updated as images, in particular, can become boring if seen too often on too many placements.

7. Avoid narrow niche traffic

This applies only if you are advertising a general dating site. As a platform that offers a broad dating service, that website will hardly cater for the specific needs of the individuals coming from the narrow niche, therefore, they are less likely to convert.

8. Nurture your relationship with your Affiliate Manager

All the data you need to improve the quality of your leads can be provided by your affiliate manager. They are also the ones who will determine whether you are doing a good job with the links you are bringing so make sure you maintain your working relationship with them well.

What to Do if You Receive a Warning about the Quality of Your Leads

There are several things you could do if you get a warning from the advertiser. It happens often, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing, but the established players are not immune to it too. So you should:

Ask questions – Why did you receive a warning? Which leads did not meet the quality standards? This way you can make the necessary changes and improve the leads.

Go through the content of the ad – Did you submit it for approval? Did you follow the commonly agreed best practices for the creation of the visual and written content?

Find out more about the funnel that has been used.

Change the payouts amount – In some scenarios, merchants are willing to accept low-quality leads if they spend less on getting them. You will have to determine if that works for you too.

Think about it from all sides – Sometimes it may not be your fault at all. For example, if an advertiser doesn’t want to give you any specific information on the leads but continues to be dissatisfied even after you have revised your actions and practices, it could be that they have unrealistic expectations.

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