How to Make Money on Tumblr


We’re always looking for new ways in which we can make money online.

As the internet is so vast and diverse, there is a ton of methods to generate income from it. Whether it is running your own website and selling your own products, writing reviews of affiliate products or selling ad space – the ideas are practically endless.

Social media has also opened up new possibilities for making money.

In this blog, we’re going to look at one social network in particular – Tumblr. You’ll learn:

• What Tumblr actually is
• 5 Ways you can make money from it
• Why it is ideal for generating income online


how to make money on tumblr blogging

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr started over 12 years ago in 2007 and has grown to around 400 million monthly visits. This presents a great opportunity to reach out to a lot of people.

It works as a micro-blogging website so it is almost a mix of WordPress and other social network such as Twitter  You can upload images, text, videos, links and audio while people can follow your blogs and updates which are presented on a feed.

5 ways to make money off Tumblr

If you are thinking of how to make money on Tumblr then we have five ideas for you to try.

#1 Affiliate Links

Having a Tumblr profile is like to have your own website. You can blog, post updates and people can follow you.

This makes it a great way in which you can promote affiliate links so that you get paid when someone clicks the link and buys the product or service. As people can find your Tumblr posts through tags and shares, it can be an easier way that getting people onto your website.

Just be careful with the links as posting too many will get you banned. There is no real rule of thumb for how many to post and when but as long as you are posting engaging and quality content that isn’t spammed with links all the time you’ll be fine.

#2 Sell ad space

Again, like having your own website you can sell ad space on your Tumblr page.

Publishers will pay you to have their ads displayed on your digital space. It isn’t something you can do right away because only a popular blog is going to generate any revenue from ads but once you build up a decent following from producing good content that people want to see then you can sell your ad space on Tumblr.

You will have to add some code into your page but it is straightforward enough.

#3 Create beautiful infographics

Everyone loves infographics. People would rather browse through some stunning looking images that lay the information out in a concise and easy to read format than they would trawl through a 1000 words blog posts.

Infographics on their own probably won’t make your money however if you use them to promote products or services they can get a great way to capture your audience. With a well-designed infographic, you can engage your follows and get them interested in what you are promoting.
This type of content generally performs very well on Tumblr and there are many infographic tools out there for you to use.

#4 Promote your own products

We’ve talked about publishing ads for other people and promoting their affiliate links – what about your own products and services?

Tumblr is a great way to get images and descriptions of your products online and tag them so people find them. Many people use Tumblr either solely or as a big part of their marketing strategy to get people interested in what they have to sell.

Not only is it free but it offers great customization options.

#5 Sell Tumblr Themes

Our final idea to make money off Tumblr is to sell Tumblr themes.

If you have an eye for the creative and some knowledge of code, you can make Tumblr themes that other people can buy and use on their pages.

Places like Themeforest have many Tumblr themes listed and you can add yours too. It means people will see your beautifully designed template, want it on their page and pay you money for it.

Can you make money on Tumblr?


Like anything online, making money on Tumblr isn’t the easiest thing to do but if it was simple and straightforward everyone would be doing it!

What Tumblr gives you is the chance to reach out to a wide audience of millions and either promote your own products, sell ad space or use affiliate links. If you create engaging and quality content you will get follows and a captive audience in no time and with these ideas you can generate income from this social networking site.

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