How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


We would all love to make a ‘passive income.’

The thought of building an online business and watching the money flow in from affiliate sales draws in thousands of people every year. The reality is that things are not as simple and straightforward as you might think.

You are here because you want to learn more about affiliate marketing for newbies. That’s great! If you can put in the hard work and find a profitable gap for yourself in the market then you can make a lot of money selling other people’s products.

That is essentially what affiliate marketing is. You promote products for other people, a customer clicks on your affiliate link to that product page, purchases the item and you get a share of the sale. Easy? Well, not exactly.

We are going to show you the basics of affiliate marketing, what you need to focus on to get started, some things to avoid doing and how to find the right affiliate program.


How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

How to get into affiliate marketing

Before you start selling products or services online you need to first find your niche.

This is the type of products and the specific market that you want to sell in. The best piece of advice that we can give you is to focus on something that you are actually passionate about or at least have a solid interest in. The reason for this is that many would-be affiliate marketers pick subjects that they know very little about and then they simply get bored further down the line. They abandon the project and have not made any money. It can be difficult to write constant blog posts or update your social media on a topic that you have no real interest in beyond wanting to make money from.

If you choose a niche that you are knowledgeable about or are interested in then you will more than likely stay with it. The process of marketing the products or services won’t feel as much of a chore and you will be able to speak with authority on the topic too.

Many people are successful in niche’s that they knew nothing about at the start however one of the most important affiliate marketing tips for beginners is to focus on something you have a passion for.

Be wary of saturated markets

One mistake many affiliate marketing beginners make is to go into a market that is heavily saturated.

Of course, everyone has the next big idea and they want to put their own unique twist in a niche where hundreds if not thousands of marketers are already plying their efforts. The reality is that saturated markets don’t represent a good opportunity to make money online from affiliate marketing. Many beginners also make the mistake of going into a market that just isn’t profitable. Some niche’s will simply not make you any money or at the most, will make you very little money that they aren’t worth your time.

The key is to find a market that isn’t overly crowded but will still make reasonable money and will be worth you putting your time and effort into. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

You can make money within a niche where other people are generating income but make sure to choose one that isn’t completely swamped by other marketers. Looking through the products and niche’s through the affiliate program of your choice is a good way in which to see what is profitable and what has too many people with their eye on the same prize.

Affiliate programs for beginners

So, now that you have chosen your niche you need to find products to actually promote.

An affiliate program basically brings a product creator and an affiliate marketer together. You can sign up to an affiliate program and then choose which products you want to promote. It is possible to browse the products by niche or by how popular they are so you can find a product that best fits the market that you want to target.

You should pay close attention to how much of a cut you are going to get from any sales that you make. Many affiliate marketing beginners choose products that either don’t offer much commission or have been on the market for a while with no consistent sales.

As a general guide, you should look for products that offer over 50% commission if you are using some affiliate marketing programs or for commissions around $40-50 for physical items.

There are numerous affiliate programs out there and you should conduct significant research into each one before you decide which program will work best for you. Read reviews from other marketers and also check out the feedback about their customer support – you will probably need to use this at some point so if you notice a lot of reviews stating that it took 72 hours or a week to get a response then it is best to avoid these programs.

How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

Making money online is difficult however these affiliate marketing tips for beginners will put you in a good position to start your journey to being a successful product promoter.

Thousands of people try and fail to be a profitable affiliate marketer every year however one key mistake that they make is that they quit too soon. It can take a while to build up visitors to your website or social media profiles and then it can take even longer to convince people to buy the products that you are promoting.

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy however the rewards can be fantastic. If you want to make a passive income in just a few days then it is very unlikely that you will be able to do this. That being said, if you want to build a solid online business that should bring in passive income after a period of time then affiliate marketing is still the best way to do this online.

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