How to Pick Media Buying Segments?


Advertising has changed massively with the advent of the internet.

We know see tons more ads than we ever did before. Even if you sat in front of the TV day in and day out back in 1999 you would see far less ads than you do in your daily life by going online in 2019.

Media buying has become a very important and lucrative process.

Figuring out how to do media buying correctly is complicated. We are going to look at just one part of it in this short guide – how to pick media buying segments.

media segments

What is a segment?

Before we even get into the kind of things that you should look out for with media segments we need to actually define what they are.

A segment is where/what/who you want to target. So, for example, the country, operating system or carrier.

Segments can also extent to languages, different devices and even browsers.

Choosing a segment is important to the success of your campaign. If you choose the wrong segments for your audience, are to specific or to general then the chances are that your campaigns may not be profitable.

How to pick media buying segments

There are several things that you should look at when it comes to targeting a new segment or choosing media segments in general.

RPM and traffic sources

Many people will tell you that RPM is the most important metric that you should focus on. The RPM is worked out by how many thousand visits you get to a landing page.

Looking at the RPM index allows you to look at your Return On Investment for any segment so you can work out how much you will potentially make.

Traffic sources are also very important. This depends on what ad network you are going to use, what countries you will target and what offers you will have – CPC, CPM etc…

Cost of your campaign

Before you start getting into the intricate nature of segments you need to work out what the actual cost is going to be.

What is your budget? How much will it cost to target a particular segment? Do you think it is going to be a worthwhile ROI? These are all things to take into consideration. For example, targeting countries with lower volumes of traffic but that have a higher chance of converting can work better than targeting countries with a lot of traffic but seemingly low conversion rates.

Smartlink or single offers

Finally, we have either using Smartlink or single offers.

Smartlink works by automatically choosing the best offers based on the RPM on each segment. The banners will adapt to the different offers and it is a great method of automating the process if you don’t have a whole lot of time to spend on this process.

Single offers are a bit different in that you can choose which offers to promote however it is more of a time-consuming process then using Smartlink.

Choosing media segments

When it comes to targeting segments the process can be confusing at first however with the right research you can find out which ones are profitable to the offers that you are promoting.

This process can take a lot of trial and error.

Once you get into the swing of media buying and choosing the best segments for your offers you will start your journey to making a good ROI in no time.

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