How to Setup and Manage a Successful Marketing Campaign


For many affiliate marketers, starting their journey to create an effective marketing campaign isn’t easy.

There is so much to think about from choosing your traffic sources, offers, actually launching the campaign not to mention having landing pages and ads too. For many newbies to the game this can be incredibly confusing.

how to setup a effective affiliate marketing campaign

Where do you even start?

We are going to help you. In this guide you will learn the 6 steps to creating an affiliate marketing business plan that will put you on the right path to success. We can’t guarantee that you will make money however what we can do is ensure that you have solid foundations so the potential to generate income is there.

#1 Find the right traffic

Without the right traffic you won’t make any sales.

Before you even think about properly launching a campaign, you need to choose your traffic sources and this isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are lots of different things to consider when doing this as some traffic sources aren’t suited to certain offers.

Do you research properly and then when you have decided on what traffic you would like to target you can start to look at what offers you will promote.

#2 Choose relevant offers

The next stage of all affiliate marketing campaigns is to decide what offers you want to use.

In the same way that you have researched the right traffic sources, you need to do the same when choosing offers and an affiliate program. Have a look to see what is performing well, what is going to be relevant to the traffic sources you want to focus on and finally have a look for offers that have potential but perhaps haven’t been picked up by many affiliates yet.

Obviously keep this within your niche and ensure that the traffic you are sending to these offers can actually make a purchase (geo-restrictions for example).

#3 Get creative

Now you need to get your website, blog, landing pages and ads created.

Many affiliate marketers don’t use their own marketing strategies and this can leave you far behind your competition. While it is good to test what your competition is doing, you need to be unique – we’ll look at this a bit more below.

Make sure that you don’t go over the top with your creative talents. Keep things simple but aesthetically pleasing and there are a lot of examples that you can find of landing pages and other designs to spark your creative mind.

#4 Look at the competition

We mentioned this about and researching your competition (a fancy term for saying spy on what they are doing!) is vital if you want to establish an effective affiliate marketing campaign.

There are a variety of different spy tools that you can use to see what your competitors are doing.

Simply following them and doing exactly what they do won’t give you everything that you need to overtake them but you can see how they target their audience. It not only gives you a better insight into their practices but lets you do what they do – only better.

#5 Launch your campaign

So, you have carried out your research and created all your great looking landing pages, ads and logos.

Now you need to launch your campaign!

Start off with a low budget to ensure everything is set up and tracked properly and then set your initial bids. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t the last stage of the process. You can’t just launch your campaign and walk away and expect it to generate money.

#6 Continually monitor progress

You need to track your campaign, see what works and see what doesn’t.

Even the most experienced for affiliate marketers don’t get everything right every single time. This is why tracking and monitoring is vital. You can see what you are doing well and what you can tweak to improve your performance, conversions and sales.

This stage of an affiliate marketing campaign is as important as setting up your campaign. If you don’t track your successes and failures then you won’t be able to upscale your efforts and grow as time goes on.

Creating successful affiliate marketing campaigns

Building an affiliate business isn’t something that is going to happen overnight.

It times time, a lot of effort and the right approach to get this right. By following these 6 steps you will not only be able to set up a successful marketing campaign but you will be able to ensure that it continues to be effective and grow in the future too.

You might not succeed the first you launch an affiliate venture but by laying the right foundations you will get yourself a great chance of making money through affiliate marketing.

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