How to Spy on Competitors Facebook Ads


We all know Facebook to be largest social media platform with over 1 billion accounts worldwide.

However, Facebook isn’t just about updating life events, showing off your latest photographs or keeping touch with family and friends. It is big business too.

Facebook ads can be very powerful. How many times have you been on Facebook and come across an ad for something?

In this update, you’re going to learn:

• If Facebook ads really work
• Why you need to spy on your competitors
• The best tools to use

93% of social media advertisers utilize Facebook – so it must work, right?

facebook ad spy tools

Facebook ads – do they work?

You’ll probably see an ad every time that you go onto Facebook.

In fact, 26% of Facebook users who click on an ad said they ended up making a purchase. This is a great ROI and even though the average click-through rate (CTR) is pretty low, you still have the opportunity to reach out to a big market. Given the targeting options within Facebook you can really narrow your audience down as well.

So, why use a spy tool?

Well, when it comes to online marketing you will be sure to have quite a bit of competition regardless of the niche you operate in. Rather than guessing what the others are doing and how they are using their ads, why not spy on them instead?

5 best Facebook ad spy tools

This is why we have come up with the best spy tools for Facebook that you can use.

#1 PowerAdSpy

This effective tool will let you spy on Facebook ads so you can find out what your competition is doing and how they are doing it.

You can search for ads by the keywords that are being used, find out things like engagement statistics as well as the targeting options. You can even filter ads through their call-to-action which will help you optimise your own campaigns. You can view the campaign history of your competition as well.

They do have a free version but the premium model offers far more functionally and is a lot more powerful.

#2 AdSector

With AdSector you can discover the ads which work best in your market and use these strategies in your own campaigns for success.

With this tool, you can even download landing pages, get analytics on each campaign and see what type of audience your competition is aiming their ads at.

The filters allow you a lot of freedom in the type of data that you see and it is fairly easy to use as well even if you are new to the game. While they aren’t exactly cheap, AdSector is a powerful tool for finding out which ads work on Facebook.

#3 SocialAdScout

This is another great Facebook spy tool which allows you to look at both desktop and mobile ads and has real-time updates too.

With SocialAdScout you can really narrow down the ads via filters while you can also search by redirects. With a landing page downloader and ability to interact with live ads, it is a great way to find out information about your competitors quickly.

One thing they don’t have is the ability to filter through target affiliate networks but it is a small drawback in an otherwise powerful tool.

#4 AdSpy

With AdApy you get access to powerful data of over 80 million ads across nearly 200 countries and it lets you find out what your competitors are doing on both Facebook and Instagram.

The advanced filters let you break down ads via a number of different parameters including landing pages, ad types, how many likes they get, Facebook comments and the text itself.

It might not have the same features and some of the others on this list but AdSpy is a good tool if you want to spy on Facebook ads.

#5 Facebook

Finally, we thought that we better put in a FREE option on this list and that’s why we have included Facebook itself.

It offers a decent way to spy on competitor’s ads if you’re just getting started and don’t want to pay out a big sum every month. It’ll let you see the CTAs advertisers are using and what ad pages are running from a Facebook page.

It lacks things like data over time and how successful these ads are as well as the targeting options but it is a good tool to use for creating ad copy.

Spy on Competitors Facebook ads

If you are going to be running Facebook ads then you need to find out what your competition is doing.

How to spy on Facebook ads is pretty straightforward with the above tools. Even though some may be a bit pricy to start off with, the data they generate and the insights you get can be invaluable to your own success.

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