How to Write Better Facebook Ad Headlines


Facebook has billions of users; we all know this, however, did you know that 93% of marketers are using Facebook ads on a regular basis?

That means about 3 million businesses are doing this.

Even within a small niche, you are going to have competition. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s unlikely that you will discover a sub-niche that has no viable competition whatsoever and this just means you need to up your game.

Crafting catchy and attention-grabbing ads isn’t as hard as you might think and it is one of the great Facebook hacks that we are going to show you how to do. With a solid Facebook ad headline, you will get more clicks, more conversions and make more money from the social media network.

great facebook hacks for ad headlines

What makes a solid Facebook ad headline?

We can look at 3 examples of what makes the best Facebook ad headlines.

#1 Be concise

A headline is just that – a headline.

You only have a very small amount of space and characters to use. Facebook actually recommends that the best effective headlines for social media messages are between 25-40 characters in length which doesn’t give you a lot of room to use.

When writing your headline, make sure that you are concise and straight to the point. Not only do you have very limited space in which to use, no-one wants to read some long windy ad headline that could be summed up in 5 words.

The best way to create great Facebook ad headlines is to get your point across with as few words as possible.

#2 Be clear with your intentions

Speaking of getting straight to the point, be upfront with what you are hoping the people that are reading your headline will do.

Some marketers try and be crafty and hide behind long-winded ads that don’t really spell out what action they want the reader to take. This isn’t an effective marketing technique because if you aren’t straight to the point and clear with your intentions then how do you expect people to convert?

Let them know right away what it is you want. Whether it is signing up, buying a product, taking out a service or whatever your plan is, your headline should be clear and allow people to know exactly what it is you want them to do.

#3 Customise it to your audience

Speaking to your audience is paramount to a great Facebook ad so you need to speak to them in their language!

If it is an informal product or service you are offering then use that kind of language and similarly if it is a more formal audience you are seeking then use formal language. The key message is to know your audience and to adjust your ad headline and language to suit this.

It needs to be customized and some of the very worst Facebook ads are those that fail to capture the attention of the intended target audience because of the language used.

Write attention-grabbing ads with these techniques

So, now that we have the 3 components of what makes a great Facebook ad headline we need to look and some strategies you can use to get better results.

Creating good headlines doesn’t happen overnight. Many people say that it takes writing 25 titles for a piece of content to come up with one or two good ones so don’t despair if you don’t create a killer ad headline right away.

These are 3 techniques you can use in a Facebook ad headline to boost clicks and conversions.

#1 Emphasise the benefit

It sounds really obvious but you see a lot of ads that don’t tell someone why they need that product.

What benefit is it going to give to them? Why do you need it right now? How will it improve their lives?

These are all questions that you need to answer and if you fail to emphasize why people need the product or service you are promoting then they aren’t going to make a purchase.

#2 List headlines are massively effective

Lists are great. Our brains actually love lists.

They allow us to digest a significant amount of information in one place without making us lie down in a darkened room afterwards. We can read list content and skim over it really quickly but because the content is condensed then we can consume so much information in such a short space for time. Facebook ad headlines that promote list content and give a teaser to what that list will inform you of are highly effective.

In fact, it’s one of the attention-grabbing ads that really work.

#3 Command and be in control

The final strategy to write better Facebook ad headlines is to give a command.

This touches on our second point in the first section in this article – be clear with your intentions. What do you want the person to do? Start off by telling the person what you want them to do. Command them to do something that works to not only their benefit but yours as well. This can be buying a product or signing up to a service or even just registering on your site.

Whatever it is ensure that you are in control and convince the person to click on the link.

Improve your Facebook headlines today

If you are wondering how to write a Facebook ad then you are not alone.
Thousands (if not more) marketers are trying to boost the conversions on Facebook every day and you need to be able to write an effective Facebook ad headline to stay ahead of the game.

By using these tips you can drastically improve how your headlines perform and also how many clicks and conversions you get. Headlines don’t always have to be catchy but they do have to be sheared, straight to the point and able to convince the reader that your product or service is what they need.

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