iGaming: A Game-Changing Industry


Back in the late 1990s, online gambling started gaining immense popularity, simultaneously becoming a real old stager niche. With the rapidly changing digital landscape, iGaming managed to evolve into a dominant industry, reshaping digital marketing as we know it.

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iGaming Industry Overview

The iGaming industry has been changing for more than 20 years. Today, internet marketing experts can witness how gambling reinvented itself with the help of affiliate marketing, blockchain, and AI technologies. Along with eSports, the iGaming industry is expected to undergo even more substantial growth by the end of 2024. Therefore, most of the related brands will have to consider investing in the iGaming market. According to Statista, the online gambling market will be valued at approximately $94 billion by the end of 2024. Since the online gambling market consists of betting, casino games, lotteries, slots, and poker, the size of the market can effortlessly double in the coming years.

Safe to say, the exact value of the online gambling market is hard to determine due to the inconsistency of gambling regulations worldwide. Fortunately, the iGaming market share is a different story. Sports betting makes up to around 40% of the market, demonstrating the devotion of sports lovers and making them the primary target audience. Moreover, Statista claims that around 50% of US citizens over the age of 18 placed a bet at least once. What about other types of gambling? Online and live casinos are almost as popular as sports betting, followed by poker, bingo, and other types of gambling activities combined.

While it might be a result of high population density, the APAC region wins when it comes to market segmentation by geo. Considering that APAC will determine the imminent growth of the industry, in particular, the future of online gambling looks very promising. It is worth mentioning that gambling regulations differ from country to country in the APAC region. In case some of them are eventually lifted or relaxed, Asia, with its spending capability, would account for more than 50% of global online gambling revenue. While the industry keeps evolving and introducing various product extensions along with technological innovations, the roots of online gambling go back to the art of affiliate marketing.

iGaming and Affiliate Marketing

A few years back, iGaming was just another vertical in affiliate marketing. Today, with brand-new approaches and multiple ways to convert, iGaming goes above and beyond.

In affiliate marketing, iGaming is basically a promotion of online gambling services. Where there used to be specializations and types, now there are all kinds of gambling activities collectively called online casinos. Naturally, there are still slots, poker or betting, but the goal of internet marketers remains the same. It is all about bringing regular customers along with deposits. However, conversion types, payment models, and commissions vary from offer to offer.

RevShare model in iGaming allows affiliates to earn a commission based on the profits of users. The size of the commission depends on the deal made with the network or advertiser. Even though there is no guarantee that the commission will exceed 5%, there are iGaming offers allowing affiliates to earn up to 25%. Apart from sharing profits, this model also entails sharing losses. Therefore, affiliates should remember the risks inherent to this payment model.

If you are searching for CPL or CPA gambling offers, it is better to cooperate with affiliate networks. In this case, traffic quality is the king. Naturally, CPL offers come with specific KPIs. While conditions differ from network to network, registration conversions are usually expected to be higher than 10%. As for CPA offers, it is about deposits and user activity. Therefore, a one-time payment made by the user might not be enough to meet the KPIs set by the advertiser.

iGaming Traffic Sources

Every vertical and every offer in affiliate marketing is about ROI. To maximize ROI and keep it positive, affiliates need to carefully select traffic sources. With iGaming, trending traffic sources change fast. However, there are still fundamental ones.


While iGaming is not Facebook’s favorite, it is still possible to camouflage the ads. Moreover, creating several FB accounts might also come in handy in this case.


Apart from being on the verge of its popularity, the app is also a sought after traffic source. Once again, Facebook rules regarding ad campaigns are tight. Therefore, affiliates need to get creative.

Push Traffic Sources

It is one of the topmost traffic sources for iGaming offers. Besides being affordable, the process is pretty simple. However, affiliates need to avoid obtrusive headlines and blatant lies.


The good news is that gambling ads are not prohibited on YouTube. Naturally, the platform has a set of rules that should be followed by affiliate marketers should they choose to launch ad campaigns. In fact, the same rules apply to both Google and YouTube. One of the alternatives is to cooperate with bloggers (if you are not one) and promote an app or a service with the help of both video content and the description section.

Needless to say that traffic sources are not limited to the ones listed above. We believe that affiliate marketers know more about creativity than one might assume. When it comes to the iGaming offers and industry, in particular, the immense popularity of gambling services is worth both attention and investment. While it is obvious that the industry becomes more and more lucrative daily, there are numerous untapped resources and great opportunities for affiliate marketers. If you are not a gambling affiliate marketer yet, you should seriously reconsider.

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