Ins and Outs of Sweepstakes Advertising


Getting conversions and improving your conversion rate is the goal of every marketer on the internet and there are many possible methods of doing this.

One strategy that you can implement is something called sweepstake advertising and sweepstake offers are incredibly popular. In fact, they have been widely used for many years on the internet and there is a reason for that – it works!

If you are scratching your head and wondering what are sweepstake offers then we have some great news for you. We are going to go into detail about what is sweepstakes, 5 popular sweepstakes that you can use to great effect as well as how to promote your sweepstake offers and what affiliate programs you can use.

So, we have quite a lot to get through!

Don’t worry because we are going to give you all the basics you need to have a great understanding of sweepstakes.

how to promote sweepstakes offers

What are sweepstakes?

Before we start getting into what the top sweepstakes are and how to promote your sweeps, we need to first define them and show you what they are.

You’ve probably seen sweepstakes countless times particularly on social media.

You know how you see offers popping up all the time to win a new iPhone or some other awesome prize? That’s a sweepstake. All you need to do is give over some basic details such as your name and email address and you are entered into a draw to win a great prize. We’re going to have a look at what the best sweepstake prizes are to use in a minute but it is usually something tech related – a brand new iPad, Samsung Galaxy phone etc…

Now you have a better understanding of what a sweepstake actually is. It is a prize draw that is decided at random and all someone needs to do is give over some basic details to be in a chance of winning.

What is the best sweepstake offers to use?

5 popular sweepstakes

You can really offer anything as a prize but some work better than others. These five prizes and niches have been shown to be very popular over the years.

#1 Apple products

iPhones and iPads always generate a lot of interest. They are instantly recognisable and in some ways are like a fashion accessory. Time and time again Apple products generate the most interest in sweepstake offers and will get you clicks and conversions.

#2 Valentine’s Day

Sweepstakes get very popular around big events and Valentine’s Day is one of these. An overnight romantic stay? What about a spa package or a meal in a fancy restaurant? These are all great ideas in the run out to this romantic holiday.

#3 Back to school gifts

Many parents hate this time of year. It costs time and money to get their little ones ready to head back to school. Offering things like school supply packages or coupons will generate a lot of interest among parents who are desperate to save a few bucks.

#4 Health and Fitness

Most people want to keep fit but have little motivation or lack the money for a gym membership. Offering free gym memberships for a month or even 3 months, offering a PT session or a plan by a healthy eating expert will get you conversions from people who want to keep in shape but need something to spurn them on to do so.

#5 Concert Tickets

Famous band playing in town? Is there a festival coming up? Being able to offer tickets will get you a lot of clicks and sign-ups among people who are desperate to go to the event but maybe can’t afford it or general tickets are sold out.

These are only a few great ideas for sweepstakes promotions and there are many more that you can use to great effect. Deciding on what prize to offer will also depend on your niche so if you want to gain new customers for your business then it is a good idea to focus on a prize that your customers want. In saying that, many prizes – like phone’s and a break away – are universal.

How to promote sweepstakes offers

You now know what a sweepstake is and you have ideas for your sweepstake offers, how do you go about promoting them?

There are many effective strategies you can use that will help you promote your sweepstake offers and get you clicks and sign-ups.

#1 Sweepstake Directories

Submitting to specific sweepstake and context directories is something you have to do as it’s a very effective way of getting quality traffic. One thing to be wary of however is that many of these directories a directed at a general audience so if you want a more targeted campaign then it may not get you the results you want.

#2 Update your blog

If you have a blog then you need to push your sweepstake offers out via this digital space. This is very important if you want to use your sweepstake for a targeted audience. The beauty of your blog is that you can keep it as long or as short as you want.

#3 Promote your sweepstake at the checkout

When someone buys something from your site or through you as an affiliate – why not give them a chance to win your sweepstake prize? They’ve already bought something from you and they will be very likely to enter your sweepstake if it means they could potentially get something for free.

#4 Use Video

Finally, you can utilise video to great effect as well and not just on YouTube. While putting your sweepstake offers across all your social media channels is recommended you can also use video in many other ways to get the information about your great prizes across.

Sweepstakes affiliate programs

Where can you find these sweepstake offers to use to get conversions? We’ll have a look at TopOffers below but here are 3 affiliate programs that you can use.

#1 ProfitSocial

These guys offer over 1500 offers and have a wide range of sweepstake offers that you can use. They specialise in many different niches with a particular focus on dating and are available in more than 150 countries. With ProfitSocial you can search through many sweepstake offers and with Profit Social you get availability across all operating systems and devices and a minimum pay out of just $100.

#2 Click Dealer

Click Dealer spreads itself across a huge range of niches including dating, health and beauty, mobile offers and retail. They offer many of the latest gadgets including the highly sought of Apple products with gift cards from some of the most popular chain outlets. Click Dealer also provides many payment methods from PayPal to Bank Transfers to WebMoney.

#3 Spicy Offers

Lastly, we have something called Spicy Offers that have come into the game fairly recently. They are one of the biggest providers of sweepstakes on the net and you will find a wide range of great offers here too. With several payment methods and several niches you can find a sweepstake offer to suit your needs.

Sweepstakes with TopOffers

We’ve covered A LOT in this article. You should now have a much better understanding of:

• What sweepstakes are
• How to promote sweepstakes offers
• The top sweepstakes to use
• Some affiliate programs that you can use to find sweepstakes

If you had no knowledge of sweepstakes before you landed here or even just a very basic understanding then you will now be able to find sweepstakes and also know various methods you can use to promote them.

This just leaves us with one thing to do – tell you about the fantastic sweepstake prizes that you can find with TopOffers.

TopOffers are the leading provider of dating offers on the net and with these guys you can find a wealth of sweepstakes to use to get clicks and conversions. This includes many of the popular sweepstake prizes such as iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 devices and other great prizes.

If you want a reliable and reputable network to get sweepstakes and push them out to your audience while bringing in conversions then TopOffers provides not only this but much more.

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