Is Ero-Advertising Worth it? Read Our 2019 Review


Are you prepared to find a new ad network?

You might be completely new to the game and haven’t a clue where to start. Well, don’t worry because we have some great information for you.

Finding an ad network to suit your needs, particularly an ad network that provides adult traffic, can be difficult. There is a multitude of things that you need to consider before you can make an informed choice.

We are going to review Ero-Advertising so you have all the information that you need about this ad network in one handy place.

how affiliate campaigns at ero advertising network work

What is Ero-Advertising?

This company has been around since 2006 so they are not new to the world of online ad networks. They have a reach of over 200 countries and have billions of daily impressions across the world.

Ero-Advertising specialises in adult traffic so if you need traffic that is more mainstream then it is best to look elsewhere. The company itself is based in the Netherlands but they accept advertisers and publishers from around the globe.

There are many advantages to using these guys (and a couple of downsides) but we’ll have a look at their main features first.

What are their main features?

With Ero-Advertising you can use a variety of ad types for both desktop and mobile devices.

This includes:

• Display Banners
• Instant Messenger Pop up
• Pop Ads
• Text
• Interstitials
• Layers
• Redirects
• In Video Plugin
• Page Peel Ads
• IP TV Redirects
• Movie Ads
• Thumb Ads
• In-Text Ads

They have mobile ads too in the form of display banners, full-page ads, interstitial ads, layer ads and redirects.

One great thing about Ero-Advertising and something that shows that they are ahead of the curve in this market is that they provide ads for IPTV and consoles too.

They provide CPM offers and allow targeting options such as languages and geo-locations.

Advantages of Ero-Advertising

That are the main features of this popular online ad network but what makes them good?

Low minimum pay outs

Payments are made in Euros and one of the big advantages with Ero-Advertising is that their minimum pay out is just €10. Many ad networks have minimum pay outs of €100 or even more.

This means you can get your money faster and they offer PayPal, Paxum and wire transfers. There are no charges imposed by Ero-Advertising on any of these withdrawal methods although PayPal or your own bank may have a fee for receiving money.

Great support options

One thing that you definitely need with an ad network is good support. Even if you are an experienced user things can go wrong and this is especially required if you are new to the game.

Ero-Advertising has several support options from an online chat, Skype to email. There is a handy FAQ section on their website as well which is great for general queries. If you have any more specific or complicated problems then the above options can all be used.

Easy to use system

Their user interface is straightforward and it is very easy to set up a campaign and track its performance.

Some ad networks suffer from poor user experience with systems that aren’t very intuitive or easy to use. Ero-Advertising is different and even if you have never used a platform like this before for marketing you will pick it up in no time.

Referral program

Last, but not least, if their referral program.

In most cases this isn’t a massive deal for many people. However, if you know publishers who would benefit from using these guys then does it not make sense that you can earn money for referring them? Ero-Advertising offers a 5% of the revenue that publishers generate and who you have referred to the system.

Disadvantages of Ero-Advertising

Not everything is rosy with Ero-Advertising and there are some drawbacks that need to be explained.

While we may all want to target solely Tier 1 countries as they are the most profitable, tier 2 and tier 3 countries are necessary as well but they have low CPM rates on this platform. For some people their referral program offers a low percentage too compared to some others however you should bear in mind that several ad networks don’t even have a referral program to begin with.

Our verdict

Ero-Advertising is one of the biggest adult ad networks out there.

If you want ‘mainstream’ traffic then these guys aren’t for you but for anyone who needs adult traffic then it is hard to go wrong with this platform. The fact that they offer IPTV and console ad types is great news.

They have a great support system, low minimum pay out, several payment options and also a referral program that you can avail of.

Aside from a few drawbacks that might not matter much to you at all, Ero-Advertising is and remains one of the biggest and most respected sources of adult traffic online today.

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