Is it Possible to Work Full-time with Affiliate Marketing?


Working from home sounds great, doesn’t it? What about popping down to your local coffee shop for a few hours and doing some work then having the rest of the day to yourself?

It is certainly a more appealing prospect than your typical 9 – 5 slog in the office but can you really make a full-time income with affiliate marketing? We talk all the time about making money online but is it more realistic to approach this as a supplementary income (part-time) or can you make it a full-time job?

We are going to explore this question and also how you can work towards generating revenue and success in your affiliate marketing career.

how to make a full-time income from affiliate marketing

Should I leave my job for affiliate marketing?

The easiest answer to this question is – no!

You shouldn’t leave your job to become a full-time affiliate marketer until you are making a level of income that you can sustain yourself with. Did you know that 95% of would-be affiliate marketers actually fail in their endeavour? 95%! That’s a huge number and it is very difficult and takes a lot of work to be part of the 5% that do actually succeed.

Why leave your job to take such a risk? Why not wait until you have built up a steady income with affiliate marketer that can sustain yourself and your family and then work towards expanding these even further?

Many people quit their job to live the ‘dream’ lifestyle and end up having to find employment again after they find out that they can’t make enough money to live on through affiliate marketing itself.

Can I make a full-time income from affiliate marketing?


Remember that 5% figure we mentioned above, they all make money from affiliate marketer that can sustain them on a full-time basis. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you will as it depends on a lot of different factors such as what niche you pick, how successful your promotion efforts are and sometimes you just need a little luck however the possibility is there.

Some people make a lot of money from targeting a fairly unusual niche angle with affiliate marketing or others simple follow a tried and tested model. The key is that you can make a
full-time income from affiliate marketing.

How to become a full-time affiliate marketer

We have more extensive guides that will show you how to set up your career as an affiliate marketer so we are going to go over the basics here.

Before you even consider leaving your job you need to put a plan in place to generate income if you want to be a success. These are the 3 steps that you need to take to do this.

Choose a profitable niche

It sounds really easy to do this but it is harder than you think. There are so many niches out there and an even greater number of sub-niches. Most of these are profitable and there are very few niches that aren’t considered ‘money making material’ however actually finding a place for you in a niche can be difficulty.

Many niches are so competitive but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make money.

Finding an obscure sub-niche that has the potential to generate income means that you can become an authority figure within that market and put yourself on a solid footing to become a full-time affiliate marketer.

Join an affiliate program

Once you have discovered your niche that is going to make you a lot of money you need to register with an affiliate program. After all, how are you going to make money if you have no products to promote?

Many people become an Amazon associate and promote products related to their niche on their website and other use affiliate programs such as Clickbank. A lot of big retailers also have their own affiliate programs that you can join up with directly.

Remember to do your research and find an affiliate program that suits you. If you want to work from home and make a full-time income as an affiliate marketer then you need to ensure that you a part of a program that works to your advantage.

Start promoting your affiliate products

Once you have your niche chosen and you have signed up to an affiliate program, you need to start promoting the products.

This is how you will generate income to become a full-time affiliate marketer. This can be done on your website which can then be linked to from your social media channels and even paid for ads. In fact, there are a number of affiliate marketing promotional strategies that will get targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

Having a successful affiliate marketing career

So, to go back to our original question: can you be a full-time affiliate marketer?

Yes, you can. The problem is for many people is that they jump the gun. If you are asking yourself ‘should I leave my job for affiliate marketing?’ then the answer is to stay in your current role. Unless you are currently making enough money to sustain yourself then leaving your job to pursue something that 95% of people fail in is incredibly risky.

The chances are that you will become one of the 5%. Especially with the amount of help and resources online that can assist you in your journey to generating income and being a success as an affiliate. However, it can be a long process to get yourself up to the full-time income bracket and you should focus on doing this in your spare time and then when you have a sustainable income you can leave your job and dedicate your time to marketing online.

Many people take the risk every year and go crawling back to their old jobs or have to look for new ones – be sensible in your approach and look at the long-term if you want to earn money online as a full-time occupation.

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