Local Lead Generation Strategies That Work


You have probably heard of lead generation before – it is the process of generating interest from potential customers with the view of turning them into sales or whatever your target is.

When it comes to local lead generation there are several strategies that you can follow.

Local lead generation has changed massively over the years for small and medium-sized businesses. The fact that the internet is now being utilised by local companies means that they need to change the way in which they traditionally target customers.

The search term ‘where to buy’ has grown by 85% from 2015 and this shows that more people are doing a Google search to find out where to purchase items from local businesses.

It isn’t just a case of appearing high up on the search results – you need to be able to convert customers too and this is where these lead generation strategies come in.

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3 Local Lead Generation Strategies

We have identified 3 strategies you can use on your website and in your marketing efforts which will help massively with local lead generation.

#1 Pop ups

Pop ups tend to divide opinion at times however no-one can deny that they aren’t effective in generating leads.

The way pop ups used to be in the 1990s and throughout much of the early 2000s is different from what they are now. They aren’t necessarily spammy or intrusive these days. A study showed that the top 10% of pop ups had a conversion rate of 9.28% which is a really decent return.

Pop ups are very versatile and they have been proven to work really well as you can have exit pop ups, entry pop ups, scrolling pop ups and timed pop ups. What one will work best for your business depends on a number of factors however as a local lead generation tool they can help turn potential customers into full paying customers and they are a great way to get email addresses and other information.

#2 Contests

This can be an underused tactic but many businesses implement this as a successful way of creating local lead generation.

It is a pretty simple concept but one that is highly effective. You put on a contest which could be a photo competition or prize draw and ask contestants to give over some basic details with the chance of winning a prize.

For this to work you need to give away a relevant prize and something related to your business. It will generate excitement and more people will want to sign up with the chance of winning. Even for the people that don’t win, you can still follow up with them after the content is over by drip feeding emails to keep your business and what you do fresh in their minds.

#3 Landing Pages

Landing pages are unique in that they serve as the main way in which businesses generate local leads. While pop ups and running contests are very effective, landing pages let you communicate information very easily and they are a great place to send people who have clicked on your ads or links on social media.

Even though landing pages come in many shapes, sizes and styles, there is a definite layout that has been proven to work. You want your landing page to be unique and stand out from the crowd however following a tried and tested model will ensure that you generate plenty of local leads from the traffic that is directed there.

Local lead generation business traffic

Now that you know 3 local lead generation strategies – how do you even get traffic to your website to view the pop up, to enter your contests or to be directed to your landing pages?

Local businesses are utilising social media like never before and this is one area that you should definitely invest in. People look for businesses on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and having a social media presence with active accounts means that you have post links to your landing pages and website.

Facebook ads and Google Ads are another great way in which to get targeting traffic to your site. This is especially helpful to small local businesses as you can ensure your ads are shown to people within your geographical catchment area.

Finally, ensure that your website, social media accounts and contact info is on all your printed marketing materials. We focus so much on the internet that often times we can forget that traditional marketing is still very relevant and is a great way of generating leads by showing people that you have an online presence.

Creating a successful local lead generation business model

These local lead generation strategies will help to not only drum up interest in your business but will turn these leads into conversions.

Without implementing a proper lead generation strategy then your business won’t grow or expand.

More and more local companies are using the internet and in order to stay competitive in the market, retain your existing customers and facilitate growth you need strategies that bring in leads to boost your sales.

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