Make Money by Sharing Links? An AdFly Review


When it comes to finding success online, we need to ensure that we’re exploring as many avenues as possible when it comes to making money.

There can be successful programs to take advantage of but it’s important that we don’t limit our earning potential by only focusing on one marketing strategy because we believe it to be the best.

Although there can be a lot of success with affiliate links and domain hunting, there are other ways of making money via the use of web traffic and when compared to other marketing efforts, can be easily deployed.

Because of how common link sharing is, it can be easy to dismiss them when it comes to money-making potential.

However, the AdFly advertising programme is designed with a simple premise, one that is used every day. All users need to do is ensure that the link being clicked on is of some benefit to the user.

what is adfly advertising review and how to use adfly

What Is AdFly?

If you’ve ever visited a link to be met with an advertisement, then it’s likely it was provided via the AdFly network.

There are several online tools that allow users to shorten URLs, such as, but only AdFly can offer a return when users refer traffic to a URL.

AdFly, also referred to as is a URL shortening provider that offers a unique take on link referrals in that they are monetized.

Those looking to promote websites can also use the AdFly network to advertise their service, product or content.

What Options are Available to Advertisers with AdFly?

It’s easy to assume that AdFly is nothing more than a tool to shorten URLs with a bit of a twist, but those who scratch the service will find that there are several benefits on

Those looking to make use of AdFly advertising can choose from the following advertising options.

• Interstitial Advertising
• Leaderboard Banner Advertising
• Pop Ad Advertising

AdFly can offer traffic from as little as $0.40 and as much as $5 for 1,000 views, depending on the goals of your campaign.

The Interstitial Advertising option allows advertising to be shown to a user for a period of 5 seconds. The Leader Board Banner Advertising is available as 728 x 90 banner or smaller.

Those looking to create a more unique campaign may also want to make use of pop ads, depending on the campaign goal.

Once an ad format has been decided on, users will be given ass to the minimum prices per GEO.

What Options are Available to Publishers with AdFly?

With some affiliate schemes, there can be a lot of work involved. This is especially true if you’re promoting or product or service.

Although such items can be profitable, the profit usually come at the cost of several man hours.

The use of AdFly is in the form of a shortened link, so can be posted almost anywhere.You just need to ensure that the engagement is there.

Like the varying prices available to advertisers, there is also a fluctuation in commission fees when users click on a shortened link created with AdFly.

The revenue could vary between $0.20 and $2.50 per click, but the general rule of thumb is 20% of the value of the referrals.

Users can also make money from referring others to the platform, although you’ll only receive a commission on what your referrals make.

Are There Limitations to Using AdFly?

Although the link users are provided with can effectively be used anywhere, there are forums and platforms that don’t allow the posting of such links. This can be especially true on well-managed forums.

There can also be several countries that don’t allow the posting of AdFly links within their territory. The limitations you face will ultimately depend on your marketing efforts and demographics.

However, there are still plenty of options available, and you can always create your own website if you’re really looking to secure your marketing efforts.

There is an element of research needed when using AdFly, but this is true of any marketing tool. However, there should be little reason as to why you can’t generate an income via the sharing of links.

How Much Can I Make with AdFly?

Those that are new to the world of online marketing will want to assess how much risk there is when using AdFly.

Essentially, users can get going with little to no income, but those with more sizeable goals may need to make a small investment in the process.

Although it can be difficult to assess exactly how much will be earned, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that ensures that the ads being shown to those visiting the link are relevant.

Although this can’t guarantee an income, it will increase your chances when it comes to conversions.

It can even be ideal for those who already have other irons in the fire with regards to marketing but are looking for a passive income.

Overall: Is AdFly Worth the Investment?

Given the potential of link sharing, those who are looking to advertise their service or product can be confident that their ads will be viewed by the masses.

This is encouraged by clever algorithms as keen publishers marketing the links, marketers just need to ensure that they have carried their research in relation to their potential audience.

The ease of use makes it the perfect starting point for new online marketers, while still being able to provide a slew of benefits for the more seasoned professional.

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