How to Make Money from Facebook with Affiliate Marketing


Facebook is a social media network that pretty much everyone knows. In fact, with 2 billion active users it offers fantastic opportunities to reach out to a whole load of people.

Many people ask themselves ‘how to make money off Facebook’ and every year many would-be affiliate marketers fail to generate any income from the social media platform because they don’t go about it the right way. The good news for you is that we are here to give you some tips if you want to make money from Facebook.

Before we do that, however, we need to look at whether or not using Facebook for affiliate marketing is even worth the effort.


Can you make money on Facebook?

The simple answer to this question is – yes, you can!

The reality can be a little different. Facebook presents a massive opportunity to make money and not just because of the sheer number of users that are on the social network every day. Setting up a Facebook page or even a group – as we will explore below – allows you to reach out to a huge number of users.

Lots of affiliate marketers make a ton of money from Facebook every day but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. We are going to go over these tips and show you how you can make money from Facebook groups, pages, and Facebook ads.

Create a Facebook page and earn money

Facebook pages are a great way to increase your visibility online. While a Facebook profile is generally kept private between you and your friends, pages can be viewed by anyone. This is crucial for affiliate marketers because you need to be able to reach out to as many users as possible if you are to make any money on Facebook. Although, as we will explore later on, a smaller group of targeted users is better.

Create a page that is related to the product or service that you are trying to promote. Post positive content around your niche and while Groups are often better for facilitating discussion, you can do this with a page too. Get people chatting about your product, post images, videos and updates with affiliate links and watch how many people click through.

Once you have built a solid page with a big following you can also make money from Facebook by allowing people to buy posts that they can put on your page. Ensure that these are linked to your niche and also be aware that if they are trying to promote a rival product then it can cause your income from affiliate marketing to fall, so it is something to be wary off for the long term even if it does bring money in the short-term.

How to make money through Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are like pages but while a page is like a mini fan site, a group is designed for facilitating discussion. This is why the content that you post on a group should be slightly different than what you post on a page.

The key is to keep your group focused on your niche. This is true for affiliate marketing in general. While the thought of having 10,000 members of the group sounds good, the reality is that these 10,000 people are likely to be from various walks of life and many probably aren’t even that interested in the product or service that you are promoting. It is better to have a focused group of 2000 users that are genuinely interested in the products you are trying to market than the 10,000 where most of the members aren’t going to convert.

On the face of it, a group of 2000 people looks less popular and less effective than the one with 10,000 but it is all about the types of people that have joined. Facilitate discussion, post positive updates that get people talking and ensure that your members are engaging with your group. This means posting updates that others will want to like, share and comment on.

Make money advertising on Facebook

Aside from investing time into building up a Facebook page or group, you can reach a lot of people quickly by using Facebook ads. It isn’t as simple as basically creating an ad, having it promoted on Facebook and then sitting back and watching as the sales gather pace. There is more work to it than this.

A Facebook ad needs to be clear and straight to the point. This isn’t a status update on your page where you can go into lots of detail. An ad has to follow the SAGE acronym. S = short, A = actionable, G = goal-orientated and E = easy.

You want the ad to be short and straight to the point, actionable means that you are providing insight into how a user can fix a problem they have, goal-orientated is providing content that will direct the user to their goal and easy means that you are offering a simple and straightforward solution (directing them to the product you are selling with an affiliate link).

Be clear in your Facebook ads and have a call to action that is obvious. This is the best way in which you can use ads to make money from Facebook.

Make money using Facebook

Facebook can be a goldmine when it comes to affiliate marketing.

That being said, you can’t just create a page, group or start spamming users with ads and expect to make money right away. Facebook offers a good way in which to get your affiliate marketing products out there and the engaging nature of the platform means that you can directly interact with the people who are interesting in what you are offering.

Remember that just because there are so many people using Facebook on a daily basis doesn’t mean that you need to have a page with 50,000 likes or a group with 20,000 members. You need a focused audience.

Sometimes the smaller the better especially if that small group are genuinely interested in the affiliate products that you are trying to promote.


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