Making a Profit with Pop-Under Ads: Clickadu Review


A marketing campaign can involve the use of several tools, so those trying their hand at marketing for the first time may feel a little bewildered.

Fear not, as there is no right and wrong when it comes to choosing advertising platforms, it’s simply about finding something that works for you.

In some instances, people can overlook some of the potential revenue streams as they don’t offer everything they’re looking for, but it’s important to ensure that they’re not limiting their options by assuming won’t be a good fit for them

What is

Clickadu is a platform that offers benefits for both advertisers and affiliates. As it specializes in pop-under ads, it won’t be for everyone.

However, if you’re looking to take advantage of one of the most successful forms of advertising in the world, then Clickadu can be the ideal tool for your online endeavours.

If you’re currently using banner ads for your campaigns, and want to try out something more unique, then it may be worth considering an update to ensure that your online content can make use of pop-under ads. review

How Does Clickadu Work for Advertisers?

Although there can be a slight learning curve, many will find that they’re able to make their way around the platform with relative ease.

The cost of the campaign will depend on what preferences are set, which include country and carrier targeting, as well as IP capping.

Users have the option of paying per 1000 views, or via a cost-per-action.

For example, 1000 views may sound a lot, but efforts could be wasted if the call-to-action is weak.

Similarly, those that launch their ads with a cost-per-action will need to ensure that the right keywords and categories are used.

Those who opt for the SmartCPA pricing model will find that their campaign is tested for seven days.

Those who found that the traffic was profitable will see their campaign continue to run, and only pay for any referrals. However, campaigns that didn’t run as well will be paused.

This allows marketers to make changes to their ad to make it more appealing to online users.

Even though no referrals will have been made, there will be optimisation costs to pay, which relates to the traffic used to test the ad placements.

The minimum budget for the type of campaign is $50.00, although some will find that the should aim to deposit $100.00 if deciding to use the platform.

This is because more placements can be tested, meaning there is more likelihood of increased conversions.

One drawback of Clickadu is the limited dashboard. Although there is information available in relation to your campaign, those looking for more in-depth information may be left
feeling a bit short-changed.

As the pros outweigh the cons with Clickadu, many are happy to use a separate tracking software in partnership with the platform to obtain as much information as possible, such as the type of device being used to view the ads.

Although the platform is easy to use, those making use of the advertising options will have access to a Personal Account Manager that can offer more advice should it be needed.

Clickadu for Publishers

Clickadu is perfect for those who have websites that work with pop-under ads. As with any form of web traffic, the commission earned can depend on several different factors.

This can include how much traffic the website receives, as well as the value of the ad being clicked on.

Those looking to benefit from the Clickadu affiliate scheme will need to register for an account and submit the website for approval. Although not an automatic process, it’s very quick when compared to other providers.

The minimum payout rate is $100, and this is pat on a Net-15 schedule. This means that the publisher can withdraw the revenue earned up to 15 days before the payment request date, if the total is $100 or more.

The ads themselves are easy to implement. Users are given a Javascript code that is pasted into their website. From here, Clickadu will be showing users ads relevant to them

Publishers can request payouts using the following merchants:

• PayPal
• Epese
• Web Money
• Paxum
• Payoneer
• E-Payments
• Wire Transfer

Those who find success in relation to conversion will find that they become part of the premium publisher category, which allows users to withdraw their available commission straight away.

Are There Restrictions in Place for Publishers?

When using Clickadu as a publisher, the platform is quite laidback. There is no minimum requirement in relation to traffic, although publishers should be aware, they can’t show ads on websites that contain profanity or pornography.

Publishers are given access to an admin panel that allows for the creation of new ad units and gives information in relation to other ad units.

As well as being able to get an overview of how past ad units have performed, users can also schedule emails to be sent that will send a detailed report within a chose time frame.

Those who operate WordPress websites may be disheartened that there’s no dedicated plugin, but as the implementation of ads is done via Javascript, installing the code on a website takes little effort.

Publishers can split test their pop-under ads to see which option is more viable, ensuring that you’re marketing is campaign is primed to receive the most clicks possible.

Those who do run into any issues can make use of the solid support system, which looks to offer a resolution within 12 to 24 hours.

Is Clickadu Worth the Investment?

Some may see the Clickadu platform as limited as it only deals with pop-under ads. However, these types of ads are proving to be popular among advertisers, so there can be money to be made if your marketing efforts are in tune.

It’s very rare for an online marketer to rely on one platform alone, regardless of whether they’re looking to make money from a commission or increase conversations on a website.

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