Megapush Review – The Ultimate Push Advertising Network?


The world of online ads is changing constantly.

First, we had the flashy banner ads then we moved onto pop-ups and the internet decided to take a more subtle approach by going for native ads that blend in with existing content. Over the past 2 years, there has been a move towards push ads.

We’ve all had push notifications on our phones.

Push ads work in the same way and they actually have higher CTRs than most other forms of digital advertising.

If you’re interested in using push ads then we are going to review one of the biggest push advertising networks.

megapush review push advertise

What is Megapush?

Megapush was created back in 2017 so it is relatively new to the market however in that time it has really grown to one of the biggest ad networks for push ads.

It started off as a private venture and then was made available to the public.

They allow a variety of different niches including gambling, nutra and many more while they work on a CPC – cost per click – basis.

They have a lot of features and different benefits to using this advertising network that we’re going to show you next.

Key features of Megapush

As we mentioned above, Megapush work on a CPC basis. You can find out some more information here about how cost per click works.

They predominantly offer push notification ads and there is also scope for click to call and click to sms too.

Megapush allows you to create an unlimited number of campaigns and they have traffic sources from all over the world. They offer a referral program where, if you refer someone to their service, you will receive 3% of the charging amount.

You can also earn points when you top up your account which can be converted into extra funds:

● $ 500 – 1 MP
● $ 1000 – 3 MP
● $ 3000 – 10 MP
● $ 5000 – 20 MP
● $ 10000 – 50 MP

1MP has a value of $15 and you need at least 10MP to exchange for an increased balance on your account.

What’s good about it?

There are a lot of good things about Megapush and we are going to tell you about the top three.

#1 Traffic from around the world

Most people now have a mobile phone that can receive push notifications. Even when you whittle this number down to the people who are first interested in your niche and secondly interested in your products and services, it is still a big amount.

Megapush have traffic sources from all over the world including Tier 1 Geo’s which are the most lucrative and Tier 2 which can also be very profitable.

This push network can get you traffic from the top countries which can provide a great ROI.

#2 Easy to use

While some people think that the dashboard and UI seems a bit outdated, it is actually really easy to use.

Even if you are brand new to push notifications and even online advertising as a whole, you can use Megapush pretty easily. Setting up a campaign is straightforward and you can get started in no time at all.

If you run into any sort of trouble then our third benefit of using Megapush can be a great help.

#3 Great support system

Not everyone is experienced with using ad networks and many might be completely new to push ads in general.

Megapush has a great support system where you can contact them to sort out any problems you might have. You can contact them via:

● Email at
● The live chat feature on their website

The fantastic thing about this is that the support team are available 24/7, so it doesn’t matter when you run into trouble, you’ll be able to get in contact with someone that can help.

What’s bad about Megapush?

So, we’ve told you about everything that is great about Megapush and push advertising but do they have any downsides?

I suppose one drawback is that they specialise in push ads. While this is obviously their main market and something they do very well, if you want to target several different ad formats then you can’t do this on one platform. You’ll need to sign up with another ad network for different ads for instance.

They have strict rules around adult ads if you happen to work in that niche.

Should you use Megapush?

If you want to branch out into the world of push notifications then this is probably the best ad network out there. Push ads have a CTR of around 12% which is a lot better than other formats.

Megapush gives you all the tools so you can start your own campaigns right away and tap into this potentially very lucrative market.

With a great support system, wide-ranging traffic and easy to use system, Megapush is the market leader for anyone who wants to start using push ads for their marketing campaigns.

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