MGID Review: Native Advertising Done in the Right Way


When it comes to gaining traffic, there are several avenues that can be taken. Although the more conventional routes such as Google prove to be popular, there are times when a more tailored approach is required.

The platform we use can also depend on the type of ads we want to display. For example, those looking to make use of native ads can take advantage of the MGID native ads network.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to gain from native advertising, be it ad tracking or simply earning commission for traffic referrals, this MGID review tells you everything you need to know about native advertising with MGID.

we review how to advertise with mgid

What is MGID?

When opting for a particular form of advertising, it makes sense to use a platform that offers a good user experience as well as being cost-effective.

When it comes to native advertising, many users will flock to the MGID platform, and for good reason.

Founded in 2008, MGID has become a platform that has users from all around the globe and offers tailored solutions for those looking to take advantage of native advertising.

As well as having a presence worldwide, it is also holding the largest share of traffic within a European region.

Add to this the fact that MGID enjoys over 850 million unique visitors every month and you soon realise that MGID is a platform worth considering.

There are even opportunities available for publishers, who will receive a commission for any traffic referred to the MGID platform.

How Publishers Can Benefit from MGID Ads

There are opportunities available for publishers looking to profit from traffic referrals, but there are stipulations in place. Examples of these stipulations include having a minimum of 3,000 daily page views.

Content is another requirement of MGID, so it can be useful to ensure that there is plenty of content in place. It should also be noted that those with adult sites will not be able to use the MGID platform.

The amount received for referrals can vary, but users can expect to receive around £100 per month for 5,000 visitors. Evidently, the more traffic referred, the more commission a publisher can earn.

When becoming an affiliate, there is a requirement to complete the online registration form. The review of a website can take up to two days.

The Cost of MGID Ads

Users can start creating campaigns for as little as a $100 deposit which can be made via the following channels.

• PayPal

• WebMoney

• Bank Transfer

Although there is access to Personal Account Manager, this is only available to those who deposit $500. However, the support is robust and there are several options available when it comes to contact, including email, contact form and Skype.

Businesses looking to take advantage of the MGID platform can obtain a 25% bonus by clicking the “Get My Bonus” button.

The Benefits of Native Advertising

Before embarking on a marketing campaign, it’s important to know what approach the business will be taking when looking to attract traffic.

Although pop-up ads can be effective, some online users can find them a little intrusive.

Native ads operate in a different way, in that they fit with the aesthetic of the sites they’re being placed on.

This means that users can still interact with a page without interruption, while still being able to view the details of an ad placed on the website.

Recent surveys also show that native mobile advertising is a favourite among 38% of millennials who browse the Internet on a mobile device.

How to Advertise with MGID

The creation of a campaign on MGID consists of blocks. The first block of information requested will relate to general information about your campaign.

The first thing you should do is give your campaign a name. This ensures that there is no confusion or conflict with other marketing strategies being carried out that may be similar.

Once the campaign has a name, you will then need to select the product or content promotion. The product option is generally used for the promotion of service to products, whereas the content promotion is geared towards press releases and other similar content.

You will then to select from one of the many categories, which include Home and Garden, Movies, Music and Fine Art.

It should be noted that campaigns can only be created in one language, so if you were looking to target different countries, then it be may be necessary to launch different campaigns within different demographics.

Making Use of Ad Targeting Within Your Campaign

Well-Designed ad placement is all well and good, but it’s not going to be very effective if there right targeting isn’t in place.

As well as having a slew of categories to choose from when promoting content, MGID also has several options in relation to ad targeting.

The options available are as follows:

• Geographical

• Browser Language

• Devices and Operating System

• Language

Although there is no option to target a mobile provider, there is the option of creating a “whitelist” that allows users to input IP ranges for carriers.

Retargeting Using MGID Ads

Dynamic retargeting allows a user to create campaigns for those who have clicked on their ads in the past.

If retargeting sounds like fruitless labor, then think again.

Sure, it’s always exciting winning new custom, but retargeting has several benefits, such as allowing businesses to build relationships with potential customers that viewed their online content.

Users can also use the information garnered to create ads that are more likely to convert, simply using the information provided by past campaigns.

Scheduling the Campaign

When scheduling the campaign, there are several options available. Not only can the campaign be scheduled by the day, but also what time the campaign should go active.

There is also a slew of options available for when the campaign is active, such as pausing the campaign for weekends or weekdays.

Setting Limits with Native Advertising

Some of us will have more to spend than others in relation to advertising. In other instances, there may be times when we want to stop the campaign once it has reached a specific number of clicks.

Fortunately, both features are available, meaning that there is no need to target customers that have been targeted before (unless you want to do this) as well as ensure you remain in a budget in relation to your campaign.

Tracking Tags and Conversions Sensors

Tracking tags allow users to set up UTM code that allows for the tracking of a campaign. There is also the ability to use a tracking code, which can be created easily. Once these details have been completed, you’re free to finish your campaign.

Should You Use MGID for Native Advertising

There are some restrictions when using the MGID platform for both publishers and affiliates, but the benefits certainly outweigh the restrictions.

Although the reviewing of a publisher’s website can seem overzealous, it does showcase how important quality traffic is to the network.

Similarly, the requirement of $500 to have an Account Manager assigned can seem a little unfair, but the benefits of native advertising will often mean that many professionals end up meeting this requirement very easily.

The most important benefit of MGID is that it pioneers in native advertising, so it’s not a platform that should be passed by without some worthy consideration.

It may not meet everyone’s requirements, but those looking to benefit from native advertising can be confident that they’re using a platform that’s both reliable and reputable.

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Good luck!

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