Mobile CPA Offers: Making Sure the Right Mobile CPA Marketing Is Carried Out


Regardless of whether an online marketer is experienced or taking their first steps in the world of affiliate marketing, the cost-per-acquisition model can be very broad, which in some instances can make it confusing.

Although like some of the affiliate schemes available online, mobile CPA will involve affiliates with marketing focused on mobile users.

If you’re ever played a game download from an app store and had to view ads, this will give you a general idea of how mobile affiliates work.

Knowing the type of audience to target is only one aspect of finding success with mobile CPA, as online marketers need to ensure that they’re making use of the right mobile CPA offers.

Mobile CPA Advertising and Networks

Finding the Most Profitable Verticals with Mobile CPA Marketing

The path taken in relation to mobile CPA offers can depend on the person’s location and channel used, but it’s important that any mobile CPA offers considered can make a profitable return.

A small funnel of income is all very well, but it’s hardly worth running if you’re only breaking even to making a loss.

A good process to follow when deciding as to what mobile CPA networks are worthy of consideration is first determining the vertical. Again, this can vary but are likely to include some of the following:

• Health and Beauty
• Gaming
• Education
• Vouchers
• Competitions
• e-Commerce

Once you have decided what verticals should be focused on, online marketers should ascertain what offers are available in different parts of the world.

Failure to do this could mean potential customers can’t take advantage of the offer, and online marketers are left with an expensive CPA marketing campaign.

Mobile CPA Advertising for Businesses and Professionals

When you consider that mobile phone use is expected to reach around 64% in 2019, it shows that mobile advertising is a great way of receiving recognition.

The CPA aspects of the advertising mean that publishers receive a commission for an action as opposed to sale can make them a popular choice for those looking for high conversions.

In return, advertisers can promote their service or brand across several different verticals.

Those looking to advertise will also find that they’re able to keep track of how campaigns are operating and make changes should they be needed with ease.

Why Choose to Market Mobile CPA Campaigns

Experienced online markers will already know that the CPA affiliate model isn’t the only one available.

For example, CPS (Cost-Per-Sale) is an affiliate programmed that only pays when a sale is made. This isn’t today that it’s useless, as it can make for a healthy return, but those consider a mobile affiliate will find that mobile CPA offers are easier to manage and more likely to convert.

What Mobile CPA Networks Need to be Considered?

Those starting CPA mobile affiliate marketing the first time will be keen to know what mobile CPA networks should be used.

The truth is that everyone will have their own preference, but those keen to find some of the most reputable mobile CPA networks available can start with the following.


Advendor is a platform that is dedicated to mobile CPA offers and has an abundance of features in place for both advertisers and publishers. While allowing publishers to trade their traffic for a healthy return, advertisers can also benefit from an automated web promotions system.


Clickdealer can offer advertisers a wide range of campaigns in several verticals, ensuring that ad placements are converting in the right way. Publishers can enjoy access to thousands of different offers than allows all types of online traffic to be monetised.


As well as being able to contend with display advertising and online video promotions, Adperience also has a very impressive platform in relation to mobile CPA offers.

Those that offer apps on iOS or Androids can monetize their apps using banner ads and rich media, while advertisers have an abundance of choice when it comes to advertising via mobile devices.

It’s understandable that many online marketers want to hit the ground running when it comes to getting started with mobile CPA but taking some time out to review the platforms and offers available allows online marketers to structure more robust campaigns.

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