Mobile Pop Marketing – How to Buy Targeted Traffic that Converts


Mobile pop marketing is one of the best ways for affiliates in the adult niche to find and target potential buyers, reaching mobile users directly and incentivising them to visit and click on affiliate links.

Pop ups, pop under promotions and other forms of pop marketing can bring a steady stream of visitors to your website, and if you target the right mobile traffic networks and advertisement groups, this traffic can really boost your profits.

Integrating mobile promotions and pop under ads for mobile into your affiliate marketing campaign is one of the best ways to cash in on a waiting audience of potential buyers – and in this article, we will provide a comprehensive pop guide for affiliates to get you started.

Mobile Pop Marketing

Real targeted traffic that converts

In order to make money in affiliate commissions, you have to find a source of real, targeted traffic that converts, which means identifying your target audience and directing your marketing endeavours to reach them where they hang out and socialise, or are looking for things to entertain themselves with.

Mobile internet, mobile gaming and entertainment apps are hugely popular today, particularly among tech-savvy people with high disposable incomes, and young adults.
People who commute to and from work by train or bus, people who play on their phones when they have a few moments to spare and those who integrate smartphone usage into many areas of their day to day lives are all prime targets for mobile affiliate marketing promotions – providing access to a waiting audience of receptive potential buyers who want to have fun and entertain themselves via their smartphone or tablet.

Targeting these users with a mobile adult traffic campaign is one of the best ways to cash in on mobile browsers for affiliates, and bring real targeted traffic that converts into commissions to your affiliate links.

Mobile ads-pop guide

We’ve mentioned the word “pop” in terms of mobile network offers, so it is worth definitively answering the question of “what does pop stand for in marketing?” in this context.
The chances are that you have already seen a pop up campaign or pop ads on your PC or mobile browser before, even if you didn’t know what they were called – these are adverts, promotions and clickbait teasers that appear when you visit certain websites, play games, use apps, or follow certain links. Pop ads are adverts showcased to visitors to sites, apps and games, and that appear either on top of the open window – a pop up-or under the window, which is a pop under.

Another form of advert for mobile users is mobile redirect traffic, which comes into play when a mobile user opens a game, app, or page, and instead of showing the user the page they clicked or chose, it redirects them to an alternative page or site. In many free games and apps, these redirects are compulsory, forcing users to follow the link or view a certain page before they can continue to the site or page they actually selected.

Mobile pop ups, pop unders and redirect traffic are tools that mobile websites, apps and games use to raise advertising revenue to fund their free services, which means that if browsers want to continue to use such services for free, they are obliged to accept the presence of these ads.

What is a pop under?

A pop under is a type of pop ad, and one of the best forms of mobile pop marketing that adult content affiliates should consider using. A pop under opens a new window underneath the one that the user has clicked or actioned, in contrast to a pop up, which appears over the content itself.

The pop under script is automatically generated when a browser or user takes a certain action – such as opening an app or game, clicking through to another page, or at set points and timescales determined by the ad network.

While you might also want to consider integrating a pop up campaign or a range of pop up offers for highly competitive or heavily promoted and incentivised affiliate links, pop under campaigns usually return a better cost to profit ratio for affiliates.

Pop unders are a stealthier way of getting your content seen by mobile browsers than pop ups, because most mobile users will automatically click to close a pop up as soon as it appears, before they even view or take in the content it shows. This means that pop under traffic tends to return a better yield than pop up traffic.

A pop under, on the other hand, may not be noticed for some time – which means that it remains open in the background waiting until the browser has done what they wanted to do or navigates away from their target page, giving the ad a better chance of being seen properly and getting its message across.

Whilst many mobile users find that being bombarded with adverts is annoying and will often look for guidance on how to stop pop under ads, because they are more discreet and less intrusive than pop ups, few mobile users actually follow through with ad block tools and apps to prevent them.

Even so, such tools are rarely completely effective, because many mobile apps and games rely on pop ad revenue for funding.

Mobile traffic networks and adult traffic

Mobile traffic advertisement networks provide a huge range of opportunities for affiliates to direct mobile adult traffic to their ads and links, because so many apps and games are free to users and so, advertisement funded.

Additionally, because mobile browsing is private and discreet, many mobile users will be more receptive to viewing adult content or using their phones for adult games and entertainment when they have a free moment or are alone for a while than they would be on their PC.

Placing pop under ads is generally very cheap compared to other forms of paid advertising, as successfully benefitting from this type of traffic relies upon getting your pop up or ad seen by a huge audience every day, in order to earn clicks and conversions.

Pop offers on mobile games and browsers

There are a huge number of different mobile traffic networks and pop under networks that will be willing to work with adult affiliates if you are seeking to set up a mobile adult traffic campaign and buy mobile traffic, and these will usually have access to a huge portfolio of different apps, games and sites that they work with.

You will not usually be able to choose exactly what apps, games, pages or websites display your ads-most mobile traffic pop networks work with a wide range of different individual developers and service providers to place ads within their content, and your ads will appear at the chosen rate of frequency or number of impressions more or less randomly across a range of platforms.

However, it is a good idea to choose a mobile traffic advert network that can tell you and show you some of the sites that they work with and the types of apps and games that they place ads on, in order to find the most appropriate fit for your target audience.

Adult content mobile chat portals, video streaming sites and apps that use sex to sell are among the best choices – as are gaming apps that are aimed at men, which you can identify easily by adverts and promotions for games that show scantily dressed women and other clickbait teasers!

Men that play games of this type and that look for adult content on their mobile devices are exactly the type of audience that such affiliates should be targeting.

Integrating the right pop offers in conjunction with a mobile traffic network that works with sites, apps and games within that niche will get your links and promotions seen by just the type of audiences that are receptive to them, and that can be turned into clicks and commissions.

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