Options for Online Marketing: An AdCash Review


Regardless of whether an online marketer is hoping to make money from ads or commissions, those searching for advertising options for the first time will find that there is an abundance of different platforms to choose from.

Although it’s exciting to discover that there are plenty of tools available to help the budding entrepreneur, it’s also important to ensure that we only use websites or services that can offer real value, regardless of whether they’re looking to create ads or make money from traffic referrals.

When gaining traffic, it’s important to understand its value so the right approach can be taken.

adcash ad network pros and cons review

What is AdCash?

AdCash is an ad network that was founded back in 2007 and currently employs over 150 people. The platform first started off as a managed-only profile, but a slew of updates has made it possible for users to be self-proficient when using the platform.

How AdCash Is Used by Publishers

Adcash allows advertisers to create various ad types that include the following:


There are several verticals available to advertisers. Those most prominent are entertainment and gaming, although there are other verticals that advertised can make use of.

It should be noted that there are some verticals that cannot be used on the Adcash platform, which are as follows.

• Adult or Mature Content
• Hacking/Cracking Software and Services
• The Advertising of Goods from Endangered Species
• Stolen or Counterfeit Products

When publishers register an account with AdCash, there is no minimum traffic required.

This is ideal for those who are looking to build up the visitors gradually without the pressures of daily traffic requirements.

However, those new to online marketing will need to be aware that if there isn’t much traffic generated in the interim, then there will be less chance of any commission being earned.

Those who don’t prosper on the AdCash network may feel that AdCash is a scam, but it’s often because the platform isn’t used in the right way.

An example of this can be trying to promote the wrong type of ads to a specific demographic.

As such, it’s important that those using the AdClash platform are fully aware of the advertising options available, which are as follows:

• Native Ads
• Backgrounds Ads
• Video Ads
• Skyscraper
• Leader Boards
• App Install
• Rewarded Video

The platform receives over 200 million ad requests daily from its 200 plus members.

Despite the impress self-management tools available, there is still a robust support scheme in place, who will work with both publishers and advertisers to ensure that they’re getting the most from their ads or ensuring that ad placements are getting the right type of attention.

How AdCash Works for Advertisers

When a user places an ad, they will be making use of a dynamic CPM optimization to ensure your inventory is relevant to the potential traffic it will be introduced to, although there are manual options for those looking to take full control.

Users will be given a “creative URL” that allows them to easily track their activity, which could be the URL of your offer or a tracking code.

When setting up a campaign, you will need to choose what macros are relevant to you when setting up a campaign.

This will ensure that all the relevant information is captured by the pixel. There are three tracking methods users can choose from:

• Global Postback URL: A single setup that will apply to all campaigns.
• Campaign HTML Pixel: One pixel per advertising campaign.
• H3Hybrid HTML Pixel: Offers the same properties as the Global Postback URL, but has the data set in the “Thank You” page source code.

To create a tracking code, simply visit “Event Tracking” followed by “Create Goal.” Users should also ensure that the CID parameter needs to include your affiliate ID.

Once users become comfortable with the options available, there’s very little reason as to why you can’t have a campaign up and running within a few minutes.

Should You Use AdCash for Desktop or Mobile Traffic?

Although there is a lot of demand for mobile traffic, this doesn’t mean that desktop traffic should be ignored, as it will still generate a lot of conversations.

As such, many will be looking for a platform that can be used in both instances. If that’s the case, then AdCash is for you.

There are two main forms of traffic which are Desktop and Mobile. There are also two options available when it comes to creating campaigns, which are Advanced and Express.

Advanced create campaigns across four steps and allows users to create a campaign that invokes all ad formats.

If you choose a CPC pricing structure, then you will not be able to use the pop-under ad option.

As expected, the Expressed options is a fast way of creating campaigns, only requiring one step to launch.

There are several options available when it comes to your audience, referred to on the AdCash platform as “user interest” and allows you to target those who are interested in the service or product you have to offer.

All the advertiser must do is check in to see that the ad is having the desired effect, and let the conversions roll in.

It’s important to ensure that the links you are sharing are of value. For example, if you’re just creating links to content that’s not relevant, then it’s likely you’ll lose traction with the online audience

Registering for Adcash

Regardless of whether you’re registering as an advertiser or a publisher, the application process is straightforward.

Simply fill in your details and choose whether you will be using Adcash for publishing or advertising, and if your website passes Adcash’s quality guidelines, you’re good to go.

Will AdBlockers Interfere with Ads?

One of the main concerns among online marketers with any form of advertising is whether the ads being displayed with be cut off using adblockers.

The Adcash platform features an anti-adblock solution, meaning that ads are displayed 98% of the time. This ensures that both advertisers and publishers can maximize their profits when using Adcash.

Overall: Is AdCash Really Worth the Investment

Regardless of how you’re looking to win an audience, there will be an element of cost involved. Of course, it’s understandable that some will want to take the cheapest route available, but this could mean that the user is met with a lot of “bots” as opposed to real traffic.

The use of bots can cause adverse effects for a website, so it’s always advisable to encourage engagement from genuine users.
AdCash makes use of a clever algorithm to ensure ads are primed to strike a chord with those viewing them. This ensures that there is more likelihood of page visits, which in turn means more conversions.

As such AdCash is certainly worth an investment from those looking to increase their brand awareness and can also be the ideal platform for those looking to make use of the active audience.

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