Pay Per Lead Marketing Using Doorway Traffic


For anyone who uses Pay Per Lead marketing strategies, results are crucial. In fact, without an effective PPL strategy, very few leads will be generated and conversion rates will be very low or even non-existent. Website owners who already have high traffic and want to monetize it should also consider a Pay Per Lead campaign, because this allows them to make even more money from their current traffic.

Is Pay Per Lead marketing right for you? We will explain what it is and how becoming a TopOffers affiliate can monetize your traffic for you.

Pay Per Lead Marketing Using Doorway Traffic

What is Pay Per Lead?

Pay Per Lead (PPL) is an advertising method, similar to Pay Per Click, with which a website owner can create a campaign for buying qualified leads. Basically, a site owner only pays for leads generated at their website, making this a very cost-effective way of monetizing traffic. With this method, payment is made only for those visitors who actually signed up. So, with the help of affiliate networking and proper extensions you can easily monetize your busy website. This is particularly beneficial if you own an online dating website.

Since our affiliate network practices an individual approach, we will create an effective solution that will help to monetize your specific type of traffic. Your traffic can also be increased through using a variety of methods such as doorway pages, banner ads, hidden links, and popups. Cross-mailing has also proven to be very effective for drawing more traffic.

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Doorway Page: Redirection for High Traffic

Doorway pages have become one of the most widely used sources for manipulating website traffic. They might not be the best way of making traffic higher, but they are also known for being effective when used wisely.

So, what is a doorway page? Basically, it is a web page (sometimes even an entire website) designed for one purpose – to get higher placement on a search engine results page and redirect traffic to a specific website. As a SEO technique, doorway pages are usually loaded with a high number of specific keywords and links to ensure frequent visits from the targeted audience.

Despite the fact that doorway pages often refer to spam, in this case the audience is redirected to the website they actually want to visit. Redirection can be done automatically (by meta refresh) or manually (by the user), depending on the type of a doorway page.

Dealing with Traffic from Doorway Pages

How do you get traffic from doorways? The process is as follows:
Search Engine → Doorway Page (link to feed) → Offers

This traffic source type is very similar to organic search engine traffic, and can serve as a high quality initial traffic source for an advertiser’s website. Multiple doorways can be specifically targeted to different niches or XML feeds through the proper use of specific keywords on the respective pages. As a result, a certain niche or advertiser receives the required targeted traffic source.

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